Why Does My Cat Snore?

When it comes to snoring, you may not think that cats snore. However, like humans, some cats are known to be heard snoring while they sleep. 

However, it isn’t a very common thing. If you notice your cat has suddenly started snoring, then there may be something wrong with your cat, and they may be ill. 

In this article, we are going to discuss some reasons why your cat may be snoring. 

What Is Snoring?

Snoring is when air passes through the nasal passages in your nose during sleep. The sound can be loud or soft depending on how much air is passing through the passage.

It’s normal for dogs to snore, but it’s not so common for cats to do so. Cats usually don’t have a large enough nasal cavity to allow them to make such a noise.

Cause Of Your Cat Snoring

There are many reasons why your cat could be snoring. The following of some of the more common reasons.


It is believed that a third of cats in North America aged between 5 and 11 years old are actually overweight. As a result, just like when humans become overweight, extra fat develops around your cat’s neck.

This can lead to your cat struggling to breathe and be the reason they have started to snore. 

If your cat is overweight, this can lead to other health issues, so you must speak with your vet. Also, you should try to lose any extra weight your cat may have put on, to help extend their life.

Flat Face Cats

Flat faced cats, who are also known as Brachycephalic breeds. These are Persian and Himalayan cats. These breeds are more prone to snoring due to their face structure.

This is because their entire  nasal cavity is actually inside their skull. Thus, they are likely to have something blocking the airway, like tissue or their soft palate. 


Fungal infections, asthma and bacterial infections are all reasons that cause your cat to begin snoring.

However, if your cat then starts to suffer from other symptoms like coughing, sneezing, appetite changes or eye or nose discharge, then you need to take your feline friend to  your vet. 

Sleeping Position

Sometimes your cat can sleep in the strangest position, however if they tilt their head in a particular position this can cause them to start snoring.

However, as soon as they move off that position, the snoring will stop. With the sleeping position, there is nothing to worry about.

Inhaled Something

Your cat may have suddenly started snoring, and this may be due to them inhaling something they shouldn’t have. It could be as simple as a blade of grass.

However ,if your cat has inhaled something up their nose, then they will be coughing and possibly agitated. 

Although, if you do think your cat has inhaled something up their nose don’t try to remove it yourself, you should take them to your vet. The last thing you want to do is make your cat worse.  

My Cat Is Snoring, What Should I Do?

As you can see, there are many things that can be causing your cat to snore. It can be simply due to their sleeping position, or it could mean something a lot more serious.

Sometimes snoring can be caused by inflammation, allergies, or it is a sign that your cat is ill. 

If you are concerned, then you should take your cat to the vet to be looked over. They should be able to find the cause why your cat is snoring now and give you ways to help to make it stop. 

However, for some cats, they just always snore. For some cats, snoring is completely normal, and you don’t need to worry.

Although, if you start to notice your cat snoring a lot more or louder, then this could be a sign that something is wrong. Never ignore your cat’s snoring habits, because if there is a change, it could lead to a deadly problem. 

How To Stop A Cat Snoring

If you want to stop your cat from snoring, then you first need to know what causes your cat to snore in the first place. Once you know this, you can work out how to stop it.

There are several methods that you can use to stop your cat from making noise. Some of these include:

  • Try to get your cat to lie down flat. Your cat may not like lying flat, but this is one way to stop them from snoring.
  • Get your cat to drink water. Drinking water helps to clear mucus from your cat’s throat, which stops them from snoring. You can also add a little salt to the water to help keep your cat hydrated.
  • Try putting a pillow under your cat’s head so that it doesn’t fall off while they are asleep. This will prevent your cat from rolling on their side and making noise.
  • Make sure that you take your cat to the vet regularly. Cats are excellent at hiding when they are unwell, so regular health check-ups will make sure that you don’t miss something until it’s too late.
  • Make sure that your cat gets plenty of exercise. Exercise will increase the flow of blood through your cat’s body, which will help to clear any mucus build-up. Also, this will reduce obesity in your cat as well, which can lead to snoring.
  • Get your cat to sleep on a soft bed. Soft beds are much easier for your cat to rest on than hard ones, and this will stop them from snoring at all.

Final Thoughts

Snoring can be common amongst domestic felines. While most cases are harmless, it can become an issue if your cat starts to snore loudly enough to wake you up. 

The best way to stop your cat from doing this is to understand what causes them to snore in the first place. This could be an illness, obesity, inflammation, or sleeping position. 

Once you know what the problem is, you can then work out how to solve it. Try using the tips above to help you stop your cat from snoring.

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