Why Does My Cat Headbutt Me?

Despite popular opinion, cats are actually highly affectionate pets.

Although they can be aloof at times, they certainly use their body language to show you when they want attention.

If your cat likes getting up close and personal with you in your home, you may have noticed that your feline friend likes to headbutt you.

Now if us humans were to do this to one another, it would of course be seen as a sign of aggression. But fortunately, this isn’t the case with cats.

One of the most common reasons that your cat has headbutted you is because it is a sign of affection.

They just want to show you how much they love you and appreciate you as their human, and they can also use this as a method of getting attention in return.

How many times have cat owners given in and given our feline companions an extra scratch or two when they use frequent headbutts?

The only thing to note is that you should never mistake headbutting with head pressing. This is where your cat starts to press their head against walls and other things.

This is actually a sign of a neurological disorder, so if you notice your cat doing this you should take them to the vet straight away.

Today, we’re going to cover everything that you need to know about headbutting so that you can better understand why your furry friends do this.

Why Is My Cat Headbutting Me So Much?

Have you noticed excessive headbutting from your cat towards you or others in your home?

There could be a couple of reasons as to why your cat likes to headbutt you so much. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons to try to understand this animal behavior!

Signs Of Affection

Even though some people think cats are cold and aloof pets, this isn’t the case.

They are actually highly affectionate animals, and headbutting you is just one of the many ways that they show you as their human companion’s affection.

Other signs of affection of course include kitty kneading, where they knead your lap when they sit on you. Headbutting is just another display of affection from your kitty.

Sign Of Trust

One of the ways that cats show that they trust you is of course to headbutt you. This is their way of saying that they feel safe in your company and in your home.

It is a way of furthering their positive bond with you, and showing you that they are happy kitties.

Scenting Their Environment

Another common reason as to why cats like to headbutt you is because they are trying to rub their scent glands on you.

This is so that they can claim you as their own. Cats of course have scent glands all over their body, with some of the most used being in the cheeks.

So if your cat headbutts you and then starts rubbing their cheeks along your body parts, they are simply trying to exchange scents. This is fairly normal cat behavior.

Asking For Affection

We all know that life is lived on your cat’s terms. If they don’t want you to pet them for long periods of time, they certainly let you know it with a bat of their paw.

But if they want attention, they will also let you know via headbutting you. This could be one of the ways that your cat is asking for you to pay them attention.

As your kitty overlord, it’s best to do as they say and give them plenty of scratches.

Demands For Food

Similar to how they like to ask for affection via headbutts, this could also be your cat’s way of asking you for some additional cat food.

Just like dogs, cats are also creatures that are ruled by their stomachs. If they are hungry, they will ask you for more cat food or treats until they get what they want.

So perhaps it will be best to top up that bowl with food like dry or wet cat food to keep your kitty extra happy!

Do Cats Headbutt To Show Affection?

Ultimately, yes, your cat is headbutting you to show their affection. You may have also noticed them headbutting your furniture.

Does this mean that your cat is feeling affectionate towards your couch or table?

Not exactly. As we have covered above in a little more detail, cats also like to headbutt people and inanimate objects such as furniture to claim them.

There are scent glands located in their cheeks, which they then use to mark items with their scent.

This is to show other cats that might be wandering past that they have already claimed this territory.

This scent communication is just a fundamental part of your cat’s way of life and how cats communicate with one another.

So even though the most likely reason for your cat headbutting yourself is because they are showing affection, there are other reasons they could be doing this.

How Does A Cat Show Love To Its Owner?

A cat can show their love for their owner in several ways. Some cats like to get up close and personal with their owners.

This will mean displays of affection such as headbutting, which is also known as head bunting or cat bunting.

Head bunting is just one of the many ways that cats like to show their affection to their owners.

Other ways that cats show affection to their owners include trying to climb onto your lap, trying to be close to you when you sit on the sofa, and asking for affection.

It’s also worth noting that each and every cat is different.

While some cats like to get affectionate, others might prefer to keep their personal space, so will avoid cat head bunting.

This isn’t anything to be worried about – it just means that your cat likes to show you affection in other ways.

In Summary

So there you have it! You now know why cats are such keen headbutters when it comes to us humans. It is mostly your cat’s way of showing their affection.

They could also be using headbutting or head bunting as a way to ask for affection or even food.

If you catch your cat headbutting your furniture, they could also be using this as a way to scent their surroundings to show other cats that this territory is claimed.

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