Why Does My Cat Follow Me To The Bathroom?

Have you ever decided to go to the bathroom, only for your feline friend to follow you? You’re thinking to yourself – hey, come on! This is private time! But no, this is time for you and your cat now!

Why Does My Cat Follow Me To The Bathroom

Cat behavior can be sometimes misunderstood. We can’t tell them what to do, and it’s a little confusing with some of the things that they do. Of course, following you to the bathroom is one of them!

Before we kick off this guide, we’d like to make the point that there are many cat breeds and some will have different behaviors. If your cat has never followed you to the bathroom, don’t feel left out! They might not be that kind of kitty.

The Routine Cat 

Many cats like to follow a routine, and no more so is this true than the Ragdoll cat or the Siamese cats. if your little furry buddy has decided that, when you go to the bathroom, they must go too – this is a cycle they understand and will continue to follow. 

In a way, it’s their version of communicating that they feel safe, and they are happy – but some cats like our examples, will be following you because it’s part of their genetics to have routine!

They’re Needy 

Speaking of the Siamese breed, some cats are incredibly needy. They absolutely adore attention and crave their human companionship for basically all the day.

If you’re going up to leave the room, they sometimes get frightened that you won’t come back and have to confirm where you are going. 

Again though, there’s not a lot you can do about this – this is another part of their DNA!

They Want Attention 

Some kitties love attention, and this doesn’t matter where it is! If you just so happen to be going to the bathroom and giving your cat attention while you’re doing so, they’ll keep doing it and psychologically associate the bathroom with attention time!

If you’re sat down for a duration of time and can’t move – the cat sees this as the purrfect opportunity for scratches and cuddles.

They’re The Human Watchers 

Experts are unsure why, but cats sometimes like to oversee what their humans are doing. It might be down to curiosity or to try to keep their human safe, but either way – they want to keep a watchful, adorable eye on you – even if that is during potty time! 

Additionally to this, some cats have a tendency to follow their humans all around the house. Sometimes this is genetic but sometimes this is because their owner might drop some treats randomly for them to enjoy. 

They Want To Be With You – Right Now!

Why Does My Cat Follow Me To The Bathroom

Cats will decide when it is time to cuddle and play. Contrary to what some people think, cats normally love spending time with their humans and love nothing more than to be spoiled and loved.

The fact that cats make their own plans though is unfortunate for you though!

If you see your feline coming in when you’re in the bathroom, maybe they just want a hug or some attention. Either way, they’ve decided it’s time for that right now!

They’re Following Your Scent 

If your cat decides they want to find you, they certainly will. Cats have an amazing set of senses which are far superior to humans. Their sense of smell is super heightened, so if they want to find you, they can follow your scent.

Although this sounds… unpleasant… when it comes to the bathroom, if you are in the shower – your wet skin heightens your overall smell to the cat, and they can find you quicker. 

Curiosity And The Cat

The old saying about cats and curiosity is certainly true. Cats are among the most inquisitive of all animal species, and they always love to discover new things and answer questions for themselves.

If they’ve wondered why you’re going into a room and shutting the door, maybe this time they’ll discover for themselves why you’re doing it. Cats will continue to do this, as the likelihood is they still won’t fully comprehend it! It’s not a cat litter tray, and it’s not outside!!

Sheer Boredom 

Just like humans, cats can get bored sometimes! If they want to go exploring, you might just be unfortunate to go along with them for an adventure… even if that’s only to the bathroom. 

If it’s the first time they’ve done it, they might not do it for a while – it depends on the cat. Either way, if your furry friend is bored, they’ll entertain themselves… sometimes at your expense!

They’re Scared 

Cats can get scared, even if they’re the perfect killing machine (and most adorable!). Closing doors and locking them can confuse and scare your cat because they feel vulnerable, open to attack and even feel abandoned.

This is more common in younger cats, but sometimes can extend to older ones – and of course, the type of cat will play a huge role in this. 

The Cat Demands Answers!

If you’ve always closed the door behind you when you go to the bathroom, the cat might find this mysterious and their curiosity kicks in. They’ve got to know what’s in the room and what is going on behind closed doors!

What Can You Do?

It’s not advised to stop a cat being themselves, they can’t help their nature – however, it can get invasive and annoying at times. 

If this occurs to you too often, consider getting some repellent for the cat to avoid the area, or better still – go the full extent and put the kitty litter tray in the bathroom too!

The Bottom Line

Cats are curious creatures of habit and aren’t normally fond of being left alone, although that is breed dependent.

If your kitty is coming to the bathroom with you all the time, consider letting them check it out for a while – you might get lucky because they might get bored and stop doing it.

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