Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Cats are known for being independent creatures who don’t always want to be around humans.

But some cats seem to enjoy hanging out with their owners, even though they might not necessarily want to be petted or cuddled.

Why do cats love to hang out with us?

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Cats are social animals who thrive on human companionship. They often prefer to spend time with other felines, especially those who share similar interests.

And since cats are naturally curious, they also tend to seek out new experiences.

Cats are very sociable creatures who enjoy spending time with other cats.

If you notice your cat acting unusually affectionate towards you, it could mean he wants to bond with you.

Try playing with him and see if he responds positively.

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Your Cat Craves And Enjoys Your Company

The first possible reason for your cat following you around may be simply because they enjoy your company.

Cats are independent creatures, but they also enjoy being around people.

They’re curious about what we do, and they want to play with us and be around us.

When a cat feels comfortable in their environment, they’ll feel more at ease when interacting with others. Cats are loving pets who enjoy being around people.

Their favorite thing is to spend time with their owners.

When we’re cooking dinner or doing laundry, our cat may follow us around. This is simply because they like to be around us.

Your Cat Likes The Attention

If your cat seems to like you more than other people, that’s because they know how much you care about them.

Your cat may find comfort in knowing that someone loves him as much as you do.

For this reason, they may want to follow you and be around you, as a sign of gratitude.


Have you ever noticed that your car rubs their head on you? They rub their scent receptors on you to smell you and remember your scent.

Your car may follow you around the house because they recognize your smell, and they want to know what other smells are around you.

This is also why your cat may follow you to the bathroom! Bathrooms are fun places for cats. They love to play around and pick up any new scents.


If you have a cat who has trouble eating by himself, your cat may be following you around, so you can feed them.

Also, your cat may love food, so they may be following you around to get a naughty treat!

Your Cat May Be Unwell Or Need Help

Cats’ bodies express how they feel.

A cat who wants to follow you around all day might be sick, or she could be stressed because you left the house without her.

She may be trying to tell you something important.

If you notice your cat is sick or acting strangely, take them to the vet right away. They may be following you around to tell you that they are in pain.

However, cats do not like to show weakness or pain, so it is unlikely to be this.


Cats are curious creatures who love to watch what people do.

Your cat may be a more curious and inquisitive cat than another cat, and they might want to learn new things about your daily life.

They might even be looking for ways to play with you. Cats have completely different personalities.

Separation Anxiety

Cats are very sensitive creatures who love people. They need lots of attention and affection.

When someone leaves the house, a cat feels abandoned and lonely. This can lead to separation anxiety.

If your cat seems anxious whenever you leave, don’t worry.

You can still make sure he gets plenty of cuddles and attention while you’re gone. Just give him some time alone before leaving.


Indoor cats tend to be bored. Their lives are limited by the size of the house. They must hunt or explore, but there isn’t much else to do indoors.

When they’re in the house for extended periods, they might follow you around as a way to pass the time.

They See You As Their Parent

They See You As Their Parent

Kittens follow their mothers everywhere because they need to learn how to survive.

Human parents do the same thing by feeding, grooming, and playing with their children.

Cats mimic this behavior and therefore cats follow their owners around.

This is why cats feel safer when they are near their owner. Cats grow up fast.

Some cats stay close to their owners, while others do not and become more independent.

Guarding Their Territory

Cats do not want to share their territory with other cats. When they see you moving around the house, they may think you are marking your territory.

So they may follow you and try to get into your territory. They may see you and the home as their territory, so they may be trying to protect you, too.


When a cat sees another animal, she thinks that person is a predator. Her instinct tells her to run away, so she can hide and protect herself.

Catching sight of an unfamiliar cat can be frightening for a cat.

They may follow you around because they are trying to protect you from this cat, but they may also be trying to protect themselves.

It’s Their Kitten Behavior

Kittens rely on their mommy cats for safety and security, so when you have a cat, you become their parent figures.

Their mothers teach them how to be cats by showing them what to do. When kittens are born, they need their mommy cat to provide milk and protect them.

As they get older, they start to explore the world around them. Owners become their new mommy.

Kittens need to learn to be independent of their mom and siblings.

When they are separated from their mom, they become dependent on humans because they never learned independence.

As kittens grow up, they start to follow their owner around and get attached to them, because they did not have a cat parent to follow around.

Your cat is probably trying to show you how much he loves you by following you everywhere.

He doesn’t want to be left alone because he wants to cuddle up next to you.

Why Does My Cat Follow Me To Bed?

Cats are very affectionate animals. When cats follow people around, it means that they feel safe while they’re sleeping next to them.

If they feel safe with you, they will want to be around you as much as they can.

They will know your routine and where you sleep, and they want to come with you.

Why Would My Cat Suddenly Start Following Me?

A cat doesn’t mind if they’re left alone for a while, but not permanently. There might be some changes in your life, and your cat may suspect certain changes.

They may feel uneasy about a new routine or place, or they may feel unwell.

If you notice any signs of illness, such as vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, or weight loss, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Do Cats Have A Favorite Person?

Cats love people who respect their boundaries and give them the right kind of attention. This is why they choose to be around certain people more than others.

Cats prefer to be around someone they know and trust. This makes sense since they are a very social species.

A cat will choose to stay with someone who is nice to them, but also respectful of their space.

They enjoy being petted and scratched, but they don’t want to be picked up or held too tightly.

Final Thoughts

Cats are curious and affectionate animals who love attention. Your cat is probably following you around because he wants to get more petting and attention.

Don’t worry about him being needy, because he is just checking out what you are doing. A vet visit may be in need if your cat seems sickly.

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