Why Do Cats Stick Their Tongue Out?

Cats are wonderful animals. They bring so much joy to millions of people around the world. But, they are also a little strange. Watch a cat long enough, and they will behave in pretty peculiar ways.

Why Do Cats Stick Their Tongue Out?

One example is when they stick their tongue out for no apparent reason. But, are there reasons for this? Yes!

Here are some reasons as to why your cat sticks its tongue out.

Your Cat Is Blepping

Cats do this because they want to communicate with us. Sometimes they are trying to tell us something important. We should pay attention to them.

Also, cats often forget to put their tongues back in when they eat. Blep means your cat forgot to put her tongue back into place. This could mean that your cat is getting older and forgetting things.

Make sure you take care of your cat by making sure he or she gets plenty of exercise and ensure they don’t get too stressed out.

Your Cat Is Relaxed Or Sleeping

Kittens’ mouths gape open when they’re sleeping. Therefore, their tongue may slip out in their state of relaxation. Furthermore, they may make noises while they dream which is entertaining!

Something Is Stuck To Their Tongue

After food or exploring their surroundings, your cat may find that certain things are stuck to its tongue. By sticking their tongue out, they are trying to remove the unwanted object in their mouth.

Or, they feel uncomfortable and sticking their tongue out simply makes them feel better,

Your Cat’s Breed Is Predisposed To It

Why Do Cats Stick Their Tongue Out?

Short-nosed cats are also known as brachycephalic cats. Their faces are rounder than normal. Because of this, they have trouble keeping their tongues in their mouths.

This makes them prone to breathing problems, however. Check out your cat’s breed and this may be the answer. 

Your Cat Is Nauseous

Kitties get sick, too! Cats vomit when they’re nauseous. Vomiting is caused by many things. Before they throw up, they may stick their tongue out for a while.

Some cats eat something bad, or eat too quickly, or eat something spoiled, or lick something with a bad taste, or move around too much, or take medication, or have allergies, or have hairballs, or have other health problems. Your cat might need medical attention.

It’s A Neurological Issue

A handful of more complex and rare neurological or neuromuscular disorders may also cause an abnormal movement of the tongue. For example, a neurological disorder called Syringomyelia causes cats to have a stiff tongue.

Other conditions include myasthenia gravis, which causes cats’ tongues to twitch uncontrollably, and feline hyperesthesia syndrome, which makes cats’ tongues appear swollen.

As you probably know, cats lick themselves to clean. This behavior is normal. However, if your cat licks excessively and their tongue is sticking out more than usual, it could mean she is suffering from feline orofacial pain syndrome.

You should take your cat to the veterinarian.

Your Cat Has A Respiratory Infection Or Blockage

Cats should get checked out if they’re coughing, have a history of heart or lung issues, appear to be having trouble breathing, have blue-tinged gingivitis, or have difficulty swallowing or eating.

If your cat shows any of these symptoms, even without their tongue sticking out, seek medical attention immediately.

Your Cat’s Mouth Is Out Of Room

Flat faced cats often suffer from dental problems as their mouths aren’t big enough to accommodate their tongues. Some vets can remove teeth to help alleviate this issue.

Your Cat Has Lost Its Front Teeth

AS cats get older, they may start to lose their teeth. Because of this, their mouth will feel unusual, so they may start sticking their tongue out more frequently.

Also, cats that spend a lot of time outdoors may damage their teeth when hunting. Therefore, they may lose a few teeth in the process. Take your cat to the vets and ask them to check their teeth for any possible injuries.

For Grooming Purposes

Cats groom themselves by licking their fur with their tongue. Their tongue is used as a grooming tool. When they groom themselves, they use their tongue to clean off dirt and hair.

Sometimes, fur may get stuck to their tongue so they let it hang loose until the hair disappears.

Reaction To A Bad Taste

If a cat eats something it doesn’t like, it may stick its tongue out. Think of what you do when you eat something disgusting. That’s right! You stick your tongue out and shout “YUCK!” A cat does the same but meows instead.


Cats are very sensitive creatures. They need plenty of fresh air and exercise. Sometimes they might become overheated when left alone in a hot car.

You should never leave them inside a hot car. A Kitty fountain is a great way to cool down a fussy cat.

Cats are very sensitive to heat. Heat stroke is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. Cats tend to lick themselves when they’re hot or thirsty because this is how they feel better.

Cats also tend to be more active during the day than at night. Cats who are lethargic, panting, and drooling are most likely suffering from heat stroke. Cats with these symptoms should be brought to a veterinarian immediately. 

These are warm-blooded animals that need to stay active during hot weather. Cooling them down by soaking them with cool water may help revive them.

An ice pack placed on the bottom of the cat can help reduce internal body temperature. A towel can be used to cover the cat’s back to prevent frostbite. Cat owners should also bring their cats inside when possible.

Scratching Your Cat

Cats are very affectionate creatures who enjoy being scratched and hugged. When a cat scratches or hugs another cat, it releases the hormone oxytocin, making them feel happier.

This makes them want to do it again and again. If they enjoy the scratching, their tongue may stick out in a state of bliss. 

Final Thoughts

Your cat may be showing how much it loves you by sticking out its tongue. There are many reasons why a cat sticks its tongue out. Next time your cat does so, check out this list again and see if it matches them at all! 

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