Why Do Cats Sniff Butts?

Everyone knows that dogs like to sniff each other’s butts, but you may also have noticed that cats sometimes do it too. Perhaps not quite as often as dogs do it, but the instinct and behavior is certainly there.

In this article, we’re going to explain exactly why cats do this.

Why Do Cats Sniff Each Other’s Butts?


Cats are very curious animals. They love exploring new things, and they’ll usually explore them by sniffing around, since they have such a strong sense of smell.

This curiosity can lead to some interesting behaviors in cats, one of which is a strange habit called butt sniffing.

Butt sniffing is when your cat will start sniffing another cat or even their own behind. It’s most commonly seen with kittens, but adults can be just as guilty at times.

The reason for this behavior is that cats use their noses to find out if something smells good or bad. If they feel like something smells really good, they might want to eat it!

However, if they think an object smells bad, then they could decide to spit on it or try to rub it off.

This is why cats will often sniff each other’s butts. They’re trying to figure out what kind of scent they’re smelling. But that’s not all…

The Social Side Of Cat Butt Sniffing

Cats love to butt sniff because it’s fun and interesting to them. It helps them figure out who’s around, which is important to them since they live in groups.

It’s also very social. By sniffing another cat’s butt, they’re showing off to everyone else in the group. The whole thing is kind of like a game of tag.

Butt sniffing can also help cats keep track of one another. If you’re walking down the street and your cat sees another cat nearby, he may want to check out the situation to make sure no one’s going to take away his food or playtime.

If the other cat isn’t interested, then your cat will probably leave him alone. If the other cat seems friendly, though, then your cat may choose to butt sniff him instead.

How Does Butt Sniffing Work?

So how does this work? Well, let’s take a look at how this works in practice.

When a cat sniffs their own butt, they’re actually using their nose to detect odors from their body. The olfactory receptors inside their nose pick up these chemicals and send information through the nervous system to the brain.

Once the brain receives this info, it interprets it into a signal that tells the cat whether, or not, the odor is good or bad. In turn, the cat decides how to act based on this information.

If the cat thinks the odor is good, then they may be inclined to either relax or play. On the other hand, if they think the odor is bad, then they may decide to flee the area.

So, if they sniff a butt that they feel like they can be relaxed around, they may choose to stay still and get comfortable.

On the other hand if they think the butt has an unpleasant odor, they may decide to move away from it so they don’t get sprayed or rubbed in the face.

As you can see, the process can go both ways. You could say that butt sniffing is a form of communication between two cats.

What Are Some Different Types Of Butt Sniffing Behaviors?

There are many different types of butt sniffing behaviors that you may notice in your cat. Here are just a few examples.

Kitten Butt Sniffing

When you first bring home a kitten, you may notice that they tend to sniff their butt all the time. This is normal behavior. Kittens learn about the world by sniffing everything.

As they grow older, kittens become more interested in finding out what they can smell. This means that they’ll begin to sniff their own behind.

Adult Cat Butt Sniffing 

Adult cats also enjoy sniffing each other’s butts once they reach adulthood. They probably won’t do this as much as a kitten, but they’ll still do it sometimes.


Sometimes, cats will mark an area where they’ve done something special with their urine.

For example, if your cat had a litter box installed, he may start marking his territory by spraying urine near the spot where he pees. (Although this isn’t butt sniffing strictly speaking, it’s certainly related).

What About Cats Sniffing Human Butts?

While cats are pretty much always interested in sniffing each other’s butts, humans aren’t anywhere near as keen on doing it!

But whereas our noses only pick up certain types of scents, such as sweat, urine, and feces, cats can pick up a lot more. Their ability to differentiate between different smells goes way beyond ours.

In fact, your cat can often identify you just as well by your scent as your appearance

This is why when you walk down the street and a cat starts sniffing your butt, they might be detecting things like:

Your Usual Body Odor – Your cat may simply be noticing your usual body odor

New Smell – If you have recently showered, your cat may be able to tell that you have a fresh scent.

Bad Smell – Your cat may be picking up on any type of odor that makes him uncomfortable. For instance, if you’ve been sick for a while, your cat may associate your smell with sickness.

Your cat will sometimes sniff your butt in order to gauge your mood.

In Conclusion

We hope that this article has helped you understand why cats sniff each other’s butts.

We know this seems weird, but it’s important to remember that cats are very curious creatures who love exploring and learning about the world around them, and one of their primary ways to do so is to have a good old sniff around – even if that means sniffing another cat’s butt!

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