Why Do Cats Make Biscuits?

Everyone loves watching cats make biscuits. 

It goes without saying that cats are the best bakers around town.

Why Do Cats Make Biscuits?

If there’s one thing that humans love, it’s biscuits, made by cats. 

Why, however, do these wonderful feline creatures insist on making biscuits? Well, in this article, we discuss all the reasons why cats can’t stop, and won’t stop, making biscuits.  

Making Biscuits (AKA: Cat Kneading) 

Cats have been known to use their paws as tools for many years. 

There are even some studies that suggest cats may be using their paws like our hands when they knead. In fact, cats have been observed using their paws in a way similar to how people use their fingers when they knead dough. 

The ability of animals to use their paws as manipulative devices is called prehensile behavior. Prehensile behaviors include things like playing with objects, using tools, manipulating food, and using their paws to groom themselves. 

What’s interesting about cat kneading behavior is that it’s not just limited to domestic cats. Wildcats, bobcats, cougars, leopards, ocelots, lynxes, and jaguars all have been observed kneading prey items with their paws.

To understand what makes cats knead, it helps to know what they’re trying to accomplish.

Why Do Cats Make Biscuits?  


Kittens use their paws to knead on their mother, while they are nursing. This will stimulate milk flow, which will keep the kitten fed. It’s a very intimate and safe situation for the kitten, and makes the kitten feel close to its mother.

Think about it this way: when kittens are born, they really don’t have any control over their body movements yet. They also need to learn how to feed themselves, so they rely on their mom to help them out. This is why kittens tend to knead their mothers’ bellies. 

Afterward, kittens begin exploring their world and start to develop into independent beings. As they explore, they discover new ways to interact with their environment.

One of those interactions includes being able to manipulate objects with their paws. So, if you think about it, kittens are really learning how to become adults, through the process of kneading.  


In adulthood, cat’s do not necessarily expert milk to pour out of a surface. They’re not making biscuits, in hopes that a blanket will pour out milk.

Instead, it’s thought that cats make biscuits to recreate the feeling of safety and comfort. It could be that the cat is looking to relax, and find a place where they feel comfortable enough to let their guard down.  


When cats knead, they seem to be experiencing pleasure. They are moving their paws against something that provides a sense of warmth and comfort. The act of kneading seems to give them a sense of satisfaction, and they continue to perform this behavior until they get bored or tired.

Why Do Cats Make Biscuits?

Affectionate Behavior 

In other situations, it could be that the cat feels safe and comfortable, and it is a behavior that symbolizes this. For example, if your cat is curled up next to you on the couch, it might be because he/she wants to cuddle. 

Cats are social creatures, and they enjoy interacting with others. If there is someone else around who is friendly, it can be comforting for the cat to show affection toward them. 

Unfortunately, the tools that cats use to make biscuits are quite sharp. This can mean it can be painful when a cat kneads you. In order to make the situation less painful, just put a barrier, such as a soft blanket, between you and the cat. That means the sharp nails of the cat will fall into the blanket, rather than your skin.  


Another reason why cats may stretch is to relieve tension. When we’re stressed, our muscles tense up. By stretching, we can release some of that tension. Stretching is beneficial for many reasons, including relieving pain.  


In some cases, when cats knead, they’re actually trying to get something out of their paws. This could be any number of things, including getting rid of dirt, dust, or bacteria from their paws. They also might be trying to remove hair that has gotten stuck under their nails. 

But regardless of what they’re doing, they’re always looking for the perfect biscuit. 

Problems At The Baking Factory: My Cat Doesn’t Make Biscuits 

Generally speaking, there is no problem at the biscuit factory if your cat does not make biscuits. 

Some cats simply do not like making biscuits. It’s not for them, and they do not particularly enjoy the activity.

There are other behaviors that your cat will exhibit to express happiness, comfort, and affection. It does not mean that your cat is not happy, if he, or she, is not a baker. 

Slow Blinking 

If your cat has ever appeared very close to you, and slowly blinked, then this is an example of your cat expressing affection. 

It is a non-verbal expression that cats exhibit. It means that the cat does not feel frightened, scared or opposed around you. If you would like to communicate with your cat, you could repeat this behavior back at them. 

Never stare at your cat without blinking, however. This can mean the opposite, and you will be expressing threatening behavior to your cat.

Why Do Cats Make Biscuits?

Belly Exposed 

When your cat is belly exposed, he is showing off his beautiful fur coat by exposing his stomach. It may seem like a silly thing to do, but it is really a form of communication.

Cats are very expressive, and they often expose parts of their body in order to communicate. 

When a cat rolls over and shows you his belly, it means that your cat is showing you that they trust you. Cats have a natural instinct to keep their bellies away from predators, so when cats expose their bellies to you, they are expressing trust in you. 

However, keep in mind that just because your cat exposes their belly to you, it does not mean they want their stomachs to be touched. Most cats do not like it when their bellies are touched. Do not think that your cat is being rude, they simply do not like it. Observe the behavior, but do not force your cat to be hugged. 


If your cat grooms you, then it means they think you are friends. 

Cats are very social creatures, and it is very common for them to groom themselves, and their fellow feline friends. Grooming is a way for cats to show respect to others, and it also helps to keep their fur clean. It just means that the cat sees you as part of their family, and it is a loving behavior.  


Cats may make biscuits for various reasons. Ultimately, when a cat bakes biscuits it is a very good sign and is very calming for them. 

Remember that every cat is different, and even though your cat may not appear to be interested in biscuits, it does not mean they are unhappy. Keep in mind that your cat may not be a baker, but they may still be a great friend.

Take time to observe your cat, and pay attention to how they behave. You’ll notice that your cat will display different behaviors depending on who they are interacting with.

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