What Do Cats Hate?

What do cats hate? This question has been asked over and over again since the beginning of time.

Cats are known to be very independent creatures who don’t like being held or cuddled. They may also dislike other animals. Some cats even hate their owners.

There are several theories regarding why cats hate certain things. One reason is that they are just incredibly particular animals.

Another theory suggests that cats hate the feeling of being touched because they are so independent. 

Cats are extremely sensitive creatures. If you want to get along with your cat, you should try to understand its behavior and preferences. Here are a few things that cats do not generally like. 

Car Rides

Cats are notorious for hating the car. Many people think that this is just an excuse to avoid getting in the car, but some cats actually have serious health issues when they ride in cars.

The reason behind this is that cats’ bodies cannot handle the vibrations from the engine. It can cause stress on the heart which can lead to fatal conditions such as feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (FHCM).

Other than that, cats can suffer from ear infections if they’re subjected to loud noises while riding in the car. They may not like the motion of being in the car, and this may cause them to throw up or poop in your car.

Cats should always be in a cat carrier if they are going in the car, as this will stop them from escaping, and making a potential mess in your car. 

Additionally, some cats may actually not mind the car. All in all, cats are known to hate the car, but the odd few may enjoy it.

Unknown Cats In Their Territories

Cats do not like it when there is an unknown cat in their territory. Your home (or where your cat lives with you) is their territory. Any cats coming into their territory is a serious problem for your cat.

The first thing to do is make sure that any new cats are properly introduced to your cat. You should keep your cat away from these new cats until they’ve had a chance to get used to each other.

If unknown cats come into your area, your cat may meow at them, and they may have a verbal or physical altercation.

Most of the time it is verbal and harmless, and they are just telling the other cat to go away. If it is physical, your cat may come away with a scratch or two. 

Your cat will always let other cats know that they are not welcome. 

Loud Noises

Cats also really hate loud noises. Cats are skittish, and they may become scared by sudden noises. Loud noises include fireworks, thunderstorms, sirens, and gunshots.

These types of sounds scare most cats, so they may run away from them.

Some cats may actually enjoy loud noises. This is especially true if they live in a busy city. In fact, many cats love playing with firecrackers.

Some cats may even attack anything that makes a noise. Loud noises include:

  • Banging pots and pans
  • Closing doors
  • Turning on lights
  • Using vacuum cleaners
  • Playing music
  • Running water
  • Guns
  • Sirens
  • Airplanes

Your cat may jump and run away if something frightens them, and they may become scared of things that have made loud noises in the past. 

Being Ignored/Denied Attention

Cats don’t like being ignored or denied attention. When you ignore them, they feel unloved, and they may start acting out. Some cats may even bite or claw at you if they feel unloved.

When they are denied attention, they may cry out for help. This could mean that they need food, water, or medical care.

When you deny your cat attention, they may try to get it elsewhere. For example, they might climb onto a countertop, or they may jump through a window.

They may also use their claws to get attention. This includes scratching furniture, walls, and floors.

Cats are very sensitive creatures, and they don’t like to be left alone. They want to be loved, petted, played with, and held.

Rough Petting

Cats don’t appreciate rough handling. It’s important to never touch a cat roughly. They may lash out at you with their claws, and they may bite.

Cats are small, and you need to pet them gently. They don’t like to be touched in certain places, and you have to stroke them gently.

Never pick up a cat by its tail, as this will hurt them. You can pick up your cat by gently holding it underneath its stomach gently. Do not pick your cat up by the scruff of their neck if they are fully grown. 

Too Much Attention

Cats love attention, but they also hate too much of it. Too much attention means that they aren’t getting enough attention.

It’s okay to give your cat some attention every day. However, if you’re giving your cat too much attention, then he won’t get any independence, and he may become annoyed.

He may start biting or scratching at you when you give him too much attention.

If you notice that your cat is becoming more demanding than usual, then you should limit how much attention you give her. Your cat needs to learn to take care of herself. She doesn’t need constant attention all the time.

Stomach Rubs

Cats do not like their stomachs being touched. If you rub your cat’s stomach, she may hiss, scratch, or bite.

This isn’t because she hates having her belly rubbed. Instead, it’s because she feels uncomfortable around people who touch her stomach. This is most people.

Some cats do not mind having their stomachs touched, and this is because they trust you. 

You shouldn’t rub your cat’s stomach unless you know what you’re doing. You must understand how to properly massage your cat’s abdomen.

You should only rub your cat’s stomach if she allows you to, and you should stop immediately if she starts to act aggressively toward you. 


Cats also dislike water and being in water. They don’t like being wet, cold, or swimming. Cats don’t like to swim, so make sure that you keep them away from pools.

Cats also don’t like to be sprayed on. If you spray your cat with a garden hose, then she may run away from you.

This is also the same with drinking water. You may notice that your cat does not drink from their drinking bowl. This is because cats will not drink tap water that has been provided for them. Instead, they prefer to source the water themselves. 

Changes In Environment

Cats are known for being creatures of habit. They like things to stay the same. When something changes in their environment, they feel uneasy.

For example, if you move your cat into a new house, then she might not adjust well. She’ll probably try to find familiar items in the new house. She may even cry.

When moving your cat, you should always provide her with plenty of toys and food during the transition period. Also, you should ensure that she has lots of space to roam around in the new home.

Spoiled Food

Cats hate spoiled food. It tastes bad, smells bad, and makes them sick.

Make sure that you feed your cat fresh foods. Make sure that you don’t let your cat eat anything that has gone off before.

Also, make sure that you clean up after your cat. Don’t leave food lying around where your cat can reach it. 

Final Thoughts

Your cat loves you, but they are quite particular creatures. This may mean that there are a lot of things that they don’t like. Try to think about these things as soon as possible, so that you can help your cat overcome its fears.

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