What Breed Is My Cat?

We love our cats no matter what, but sometimes it’s hard not to be at least a bit curious as to what breed they are.

Maybe they have huge tails and tiny heads or are a mishmash of colors that just don’t make sense, or perhaps they act more like a dog than a cat.

Either way, this is what makes finding out the breed of our cats so interesting because it doesn’t just explain why they look the way they do, but it can also give you a better understanding of their temperament. 

By reading this guide, you will be able to understand more about your cat, and who knows, you may even have a rare breed on your hands that you picked up from a shelter for $50. 

Purebred Or Mixed Breed

Purebred is the term given to cats that have family trees that are made up of the same breed, for example, ragdolls that were only bred with ragdolls and so on.

This makes them very easy to identify because their traits will be in line with what is recognized as being breed-specific. 

Mixed breed cats are those that have been bred from different breeds which results in a mix. This is why you may spot different traits of different breeds in your cat such as body type or coat pattern.

However, if you have cats from the same litter, there is a chance that they will look very different from one another.

Common Cat Breeds

These are some of the most common cat breeds that you will find in America, and if your cat matches these descriptions to a T then it is very likely that they are that breed or have some of it mixed in. 

American Shorthair

The American shorthair cat may be common, but it is far from basic looking as it has a short, dense coat that can range in colors such as white, gray, black, or cream and tortoiseshell or bicolor pattern over the top in a darker color. 

Their coat feels dense and hard because it offers protection against things such as the elements and sheds a moderate amount with their coat getting thicker and longer during the winter. 

The color of their eyes can be anything from copper, green, hazel, or gold and sometimes can even have heterochromia which is where the colors are different from one another. 

They are medium-sized but their heavy bones and muscles make them quite powerful in comparison to other cats. You might see these characteristics in your cat if you notice they have thick, strong legs and a broad neck. 

The personality of the American shorthair is generally very easy-going and placid which makes them a loving companion and able to slot into any family dynamic.

They do not ask for a lot of attention but still love to play with their owners every now and again when they have extra energy to get rid of but even if you are not available, they will happily play by themselves. 

Russian Blue

The Russian blue breed of cat is very beautiful and since they only look one certain way, if you notice that your cat has a lot of dense, dark gray hair with faint silver tips, they may have some Russian blue in their DNA. 

Russian blues are long, slender cats that usually look bigger than they actually are due to their dense, soft double coat that doesn’t shed as much as other cats which makes them a good choice for those who are allergic.

Their eyes start off yellow as a kitten but will slowly turn into green as they reach maturity which makes them very striking against the gray coat. As a kitten, they may have some faint stripes in their coat, but this will also fade in time to reach a solid color. 

Russian blues are known to follow their owners from room to room and are very sweet-tempered. They tend to bond closely to a single person which makes them good for single people but even in a family, they will be affectionate and social. 


Ragdolls are a very popular choice of breed because they are known to behave more like a dog than a cat. This is because they love being with humans and tend to be very trusting, staying calm and relaxed even when being handled. 

They are also very beautiful and have a semi-long plush coat that is usually pale with slightly darker markings on the tail, back, feet, and head. 

Due to their long hair, ragdolls require more grooming than other breeds to prevent knots and tangles and therefore shed but not any more than average.  

Ragdolls typically have striking blue eyes that vary in shades but sometimes have green or brown eyes. 

Maine Coon 

Maine coons are very well known as a cat breed because they have so many defining characteristics. One of which is that they are very big compared to other cats and can weigh up to eight kilograms. 

Their long coats can range in colors and patterns but are typically dark brown with darker stripes running through them. They also often have little tuffs of hair on the tip of their ears. The tail of a Maine coon is very bushy and more often than not is the same length of the body. 

Their eyes can be gold, copper, or green, and they don’t have to match the color of the cat’s coat. White-coated cats frequently have oddly colored eyes or one blue eye.

Even though these cats look intimidating, Maine coons are gentle and don’t mind being picked up and held. They love being involved in whatever is going on in the home which makes them great for families. 

They are very smart and will adjust to training quickly. You can also take them out for walks on a harness as they tend to have a lot of energy. 


If you are still a bit lost with figuring out what breed your cat is, you can always get a DNA test online and swap their cheeks for a much more comprehensive breakdown of their genetics.

There is a good chance that your cat is a domestic shorthair or domestic longhair which is essentially a breed of cat that is made up of many other breeds, making them range in colors, markings, and temperaments. 

This means that there are no breed standards that you can look to in order to help identify what breed it is, but by focusing on small, individual characteristics, you may be able to make up the puzzle that is your cat’s breed.

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