Siamese Cat Colors Chart

Siamese cats are known as some of the most beautiful cats in the world. They have a unique look and gorgeous exterior and are some of the most placid and laid back cats you could ever hope to have.

Each of the Siamese cats are known as points – because of their colored points, like blue point or seal point for example. 

In total, there are 33 different Siamese cat colors and this guide will take a look at all of these beautiful kitties with their colors and other bits of Siamese cat information that you might need to know! 

So, grab a seat and get comfortable as we examine all the different Siamese cat colors. 

Solid Points 

We’ll start this guide by outlining the solid point Siamese cats. 

Seal Point 

If someone says Siamese cat, the chances are that the thought process automatically takes us to the very well known seal point cat. Along with the classic blue eyes that all Siamese cats have, their points tend to be very dark, like a dark brown color. 

Out of all the Siamese cats, the seal point has possibly the darkest points to them. 

Fawn Points 

Fawn points are very difficult to distinguish between seal points but to experts of the Siamese breeds, they can tell the difference due to their softer gray and creamier finish.

Chocolate Point 

Chocolate point cats are, despite their name, lighter in color than their seal point relatives. They have an ivory colored body and the appearance of a creamy chocolate color. 

Cinnamon Point 

Cinnamon point Siamese cats look very similar to chocolate points, but they are a little lighter in color than their chocolate kitty friends. Their nose leather is normally pink or a brown color which is usually shared by their paw pad color. 

Blue Point 

The blue point Siamese has an almost entirely white color but with an additional blue tint. As these cats grow older, they do develop darker colors, and they may have a darker gray tail and ears. 

Tortie Point 

Tortie points get their name from their patterns that look like tortoise shells. As a result, the tortie point is debated whether their coat is an official Siamese cat color – but they are a cat breed in their own right. 

Red Point 

Despite their name, the red point is not exactly red. They appear chestnut colored or with points with pink in them and their nose leather sometimes has markings on it. 

Caramel Point

Caramel point cats have a very light and creamy tint to their bodies which is like a golden brown finish. They can change and be slightly darker or lighter from each other but they all share the same characteristics. 

Cream Point 

Cream point Siamese cats are almost entirely cream but their legs, paws and tails are more golden or golden brown than the rest of their body. 

Apricot Point

Apricot points look very similar to cream points, but they differ on their bodies as they have a little darker-orange shade on them. 

Foreign White/White 

These cats aren’t recognized as a type of Siamese, but they are part of the family and need to be included. They are almost entirely white and are easily distinguishable between the rest of the Siamese breeds.

Lilac Point 

Lilac point Siamese breeds have a furry white coat with gray points to them. Out of the rest of the Siamese cats on our list, these Siamese cats certainly have the lightest toned body.

Tabby Point 

Tabby points are easily identifiable by their “M” marking on their forehead. As their name suggests, they appear with tabby colors and a classic Siamese head and mannerism. 

Other Tabbies 

Other Siamese cats are crossovers with tabby points and other colored points. All of these Siamese tabby crossovers all have the “M” marking on their forehead, but depending on how dark they are – it may be difficult to spot at first glance. 

They share the colors with their namesakes, but with a slight tabby shade and the classic “M” marking.

These tabbies include:

Seal tabby point
Chocolate tabby point
Blue tabby point
Lilac tabby point
Seal tortie tabby point
Chocolate tortie tabby point
Blue tortie tabby point
Lilac tortie tabby point
Red tabby point
Cinnamon tabby point
Cinnamon tortie tabby point
Caramel tabby point
Caramel tortie tabby point
Cream tabby point
Fawn tabby point
Fawn tortie tabby point
Apricot tabby point

Understanding Siamese Cat Colors 

Due to the number of Siamese cat colors and the hybrid cats etc., there can be serious confusion over which cat is which. Trying to understand the differences is much more difficult if you do not know much about the cat.

When you visit a breeder of Siamese cats, you should be given an extensive history of the cat’s family and medical information. In this, and with the helpful information from the breeder – you should be able to distinguish which cat you have. 

Typically, Siamese cat colors are accepted and defined by specific cat organizations. These organizations can determine what is classified as a Siamese cat and what colored point they belong to. 

Do The Colors Change Their Personality?

No. As with every cat though, they will be affected by their history – so if they have experienced mistreatment or trauma, they will act differently from how you’d expect. 

Generally, Siamese cats are known to be extremely laid back and social. Their placid nature means they are perfect pets for social houses with plenty of other pets and people. 

Siamese cats love humans and other animals and always want to be the center of attention. They love being stroked and played with, and they are also very vocal.

They often speak to their humans and other pets to try to get their own way – normally, they’re requesting food, playtime or cuddles!

Although their colors should not affect their personality, some of these colored point Siamese cats might have different health traits from one another.

For example, the chocolate point Siamese cat is prone to a genetic eye condition which can develop and worsen over a number of years, whereas other Siamese cats may not. 

Every Siamese cat will have deep blue eyes which are beautiful to look at, and they will usually walk with grace and elegance, which is rarely seen with other cats. 

They are so social that they often become needy. They hate being left alone and require someone or another pet around them, pretty much at all times. Therefore, if you are hoping to get yourself a Siamese cat – consider your home situation first. 

Leaving a Siamese cat on their own can psychologically damage them and make them depressed. Leaving them with another pet at home though is fine, but preferably a human or another Siamese cat left at home while their owner is at work is the best thing to do. 


Siamese cats are certainly among the most beautiful and striking in appearance and personality. Each one is unique and friendly, and they are definitely one of the best cats you can have for a pet! 

When trying to work out their colors, be sure to check with an expert or the breeder for all the exact information before you buy!

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