Do Cats Watch TV?

Cats are known for being independent creatures who appear to not care much about human interaction (secretly they do).

But did you know that some cats love watching TV?

Cats are naturally curious animals and enjoy exploring their surroundings. They also love playing with toys and interacting with humans.

Do Cats Watch TV?

It turns out that cats are very interested in television shows and movies.

In fact, some studies show that cats spend over half of their time watching TV or DVDs.

This means that you should consider finding some programs that your cat may enjoy!

Do Cats Like Watching TV?

Cats are very curious animals by nature, and they tend to respond to sounds that interest them as well as visual cues.

They benefit from quite a lot of mental stimulation, and television can provide them with this.

Their brains process images faster than humans, so television will pique their interest as they see the screens flicker.

They are more interested in the sounds the television produces, rather than the images – especially if they hear animal sounds.

However, you should be careful with this as they may think those animals are in the same room as them and may begin clawing at your TV!

The above will depend on the personality of your cat.

For those who have a more timid nature, the TV may scare them, causing them to retreat to one of their hiding places.

Below are some reasons why cats may enjoy watching TV.


As mentioned earlier, cats are incredibly curious animals, especially kittens!

Many kittens will be fascinated by televisions, enjoying the moving pictures.

They may even approach the TV, sniffing around the back of the device, trying to decipher where the sound and pictures are coming from (cuteness overload!).

They May Mistake A TV For A Window

Cats love watching the world go by, and you can expect to see your cat sitting by your window sill watching the outside world.

Televisions can be similar to windows for them, especially if other animals are being displayed.

They can be a source of relaxation for them, helping them fall asleep.

TVs Can Bring Out Their Hunting Drive

Cats are natural hunters, but some are more so than others.

For those who have a high hunting drive, watching TV can exemplify this urge, especially if other animals are being shown on the screen.

Some of them may paw at the screen, making it a fun game!

However, as we mentioned earlier, some may become frustrated with this, and become aggressive.

It is best to think about the personality of your cat before introducing them to TV programs with animals.


As cats need quite a bit of entertainment to keep their minds stimulated, watching TV is a great way for them to pass the time.

Some cats are perfectly happy to curl up on the sofa and watch the flickering pictures and listen to the interesting sounds that come from the TV.

This is especially useful for those older cats, or those with health issues, who may not have the energy to physically play around.

Spending Time With Their Favorite Humans

Although cats have a different temperament from dogs, they are still sociable animals who enjoy spending time with their favorite people.

Often, they will cuddle up on their owner’s lap and watch TV simply because the humans are doing it!

Watching TV together enables you to bond with your cat, and who doesn’t want an adorable kitty, curled on their lap while you catch up on that Netflix show?

What Do They See When Watching TV?

What Do They See When Watching TV?

While the images of what they see are similar to the human eye, they see a desaturated version, meaning they won’t distinguish bright or rich colors.

They are also unlikely to see finer details.

TV screens are also quite bright for them, but they can contract their pupils in order to reduce the amount of light they are exposed to.

It would be a good idea to turn the brightness down on the TV if your cat is watching with you.

They also don’t really know what a TV is.

They do not have the mental capacity to distinguish a TV from real life, which is why they may scratch at it if there are animals on the screen.

This is most common in cats with a strong hunting mind.

What Kinds Of TV Shows Would My Cat Enjoy?

Cats tend to enjoy any TV programs that feature animals such as birds, mice, or fish.

This is because these kinds of animals have engaged in a lot of movement, and if the programs have sounds, this will interest them further.

Below are some YouTube videos that your cat may enjoy:

Mouse Action

This is a 14-minute-long video that features different mice and the occasional bird.

The fast movements of these animals may really engage your cat, and there are some wonderful, calming nature sounds that go along with this video.

Eight Hour Bird Bonanza

This eight-hour-long video is perfect if you have a busy day and need to occupy your cat!

It features all kinds of birds in some beautiful outdoor locations.

As the birds fly around rapidly, it will intrigue your cat, as well as the sound of their chirping.

This video also has some calming sounds of nature that you and your family can enjoy listening to in the background!

Catching Fish

I think we can all agree that there is nothing more calming than the sound of the ocean.

This hour-long video has a bird’s eye view of fish swimming on and off the screen.

Their fast movements will really entertain your cat, and you can enjoy the remarkable sounds of the ocean as this video plays.

Are There Any Side Effects For Cats When They Watch TV?

While more studies need to be carried out in this area, most vets agree that there should not be any side effects for your cat watching TV.

However, there are a few things you should be wary of.

Cats do not tend to enjoy loud sounds, so if your TV is quite loud, this may scare or frustrate them.

You should also allow your cat to take breaks from the TV, as too much time in front of the screen could damage their eyes in the long run.

It is important that your cat is also getting physical exercise as this will also stimulate them mentally as well as physically.

It will also keep them healthy and well.

Final Thoughts

In summary, your cat may enjoy watching TV with you, and it may be beneficial to play some of the videos mentioned in this article.

YouTube will also be able to provide you with an array of other videos that your cat may enjoy.

While some will enjoy this, others may not be too concerned about the TV as they enjoy watching the outside world, and are fascinated by wildlife.

It is best to understand the personality of your cat, before introducing it to these kinds of activities, as some may respond better than others.

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