Do Cats Understand Kisses?

Have you ever wondered whether or not your cat understands the concept of kissing? If you’ve never thought about it before, then look no further than this article, as we’re about to answer your question. 

Cats are very affectionate animals. They love to play, cuddle, and even kiss their owners. In fact, they often seem to enjoy giving us kisses.

But does your cat really understand what a kiss means? Or is it just playing around? Keep reading below to see if your cat truly knows what a kiss is.

Cats Like Kisses – True Or False? 

Humans understand kisses to be an affectionate form of communication. It can be a greeting, a romantic indication, a sincerity, or a kind gesture. It is a simple way of showing our connection with someone and to boost trust with them. 

We often kiss cats to show them that we care about them in our family units. There is not always a definitive answer as to whether cats like kisses or not. 

You should always read the room when thinking about kissing your cat. Cats tend to give very obvious cues as to whether they want to be left alone or not. So, if your cat is visibly annoyed or wants to be alone, then it is best not to kiss them. 

However, if they are in an affectionate mood, then they should enjoy any kisses that you want to give them. 

Do Cats Know What Kisses Mean?

Cats do not understand forms of communication in the same way that we do. Therefore, our kisses do not mean the same to them as they do to us. 

With that being said, cats do understand that a kiss is a warm form of communication rather than a sign of hatred, which is sort of what kisses mean in our language. So, you could say that cats understand the basic meaning of kisses. 

However, if a cat is not in the mood to be kissed by a human, they might take your advance in the wrong way.

If the cat is annoyed and someone is coming towards them with puckered lips, they might take this as a hostile attack and retaliate before you have the chance. 

In this case, the cat has completely misunderstood what the original intent was. 

So, in simple terms, cats do not understand kisses, and they will take your advances in different ways depending on their mood. 

If the cat is happy and you kiss them, then the chances of them interpreting it as a positive and affectionate symbol is much higher. If they are annoyed when you attempt the kiss, however, they might read it as being hostile. 

Showing Affection: Cat Style

Cats have other ways of showing affection to their owners other than kissing. These are signs of affection that both you and your cat understand, making them more meaningful.

One of these is rubbing up against you. This shows that the cat is trying to get closer to you and make physical contact. 

Another way that cats express affection for their owners is through purring. Purring is a sound that comes from the throat of the cat. When a cat purrs, it is usually because they are feeling safe and comfortable.

They may also purr while sleeping or when they feel content. As you can imagine, this is a great form of affection to share with your cat. 

Cats do not purr when they are feeling afraid or annoyed, so you can be sure that if your cat is purring at you, they are happy that you are there. 

Another way cats show affection is to make eye contact with you, but they are also comfortable enough to blink while doing so. Cats are great at staring for long periods of time, and they will do just that if they do not trust you.

Cats want to keep tabs on people that they don’t know, which is why they don’t blink or look away from strangers. So, if your cat blinks while looking at you, many consider it to be a form of affection to show that they trust you. 

Similarly, cats might come and sit on or near you when they feel comfortable and want to share affection with you. If a cat was not happy with you, there is no way that they would be anywhere near you – cat owners are sure to understand that one. 

How Cats Can Consent

Cats cannot verbally consent to kisses, and therefore you need to pay more attention to their body language when going in for the kiss. You should always proceed with caution and only actually kiss them once the cat gives you the go-ahead. 

You should never force a kiss on a cat, especially if they are not interested in receiving one. They won’t like it and you might get scratched. 

Many people blame the cat for being bad tempered, but if you were paying attention to their body language then you probably would’ve seen that the cat wasn’t interested. 

If your cat is happy and affectionate with a relaxed tail, it means that they are most likely happy. If they have a stiff tail and seem tense, however, they are most likely annoyed and should be avoided. 

Even if your cat is happy, though, they might still reject your kiss. This is because every cat has their own personality and some like kisses much more than others. Learn what your cat likes and don’t force it if kissing isn’t their thing. 


Many owners want to show affection to their cats, often through kisses. This is fine if your cat receives them well, but some cats don’t like being kissed. 

If your cat is annoyed already, they might misunderstand what you are trying to convey with a kiss. So, don’t try and kiss them if their body language suggests annoyance. 

We might suggest showing your affection in other ways that your cat better understands, such as stroking them in their favorite place. This will often go much better than kissing them. Also, even if they scratch you, at least it will be your arm and not your face! 

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