Do Cats Know When You’re Pregnant?

Can cats tell when their owners are pregnant? This question has been asked since the beginning of time. The answer is yes, they can.

Cats are very sensitive to hormonal changes in their owners. They can detect pregnancy even before the woman knows she is pregnant.

Cats are very sensitive to hormonal fluctuations in their owners. During pregnancy, the levels of estrogen and progesterone increase significantly.

These hormones cause the cat’s body to produce milk. When the mother starts producing milk, her cat will also begin to produce milk.

Find out more about whether, or not, cats know that you’re pregnant in this guide. So keep on reading!

Do Cats Know When You’re Pregnant? 

Cats can sense when something is different in their owner. If a cat senses that his or her owner is pregnant, it may become attached to you, or take an interest in your stomach. 

If your cat sees you eating more than usual, he might think you are pregnant.  If your cat notices that you have gained weight, he might become curious about what’s going on with you.

Your cat might try to get close to you, so he can see what’s happening inside your belly. Your cat might not understand why you are getting bigger. But he will notice that you are carrying around something extra.

It has been said that cats can sense pregnancy in humans. Cats’ noses are very sensitive. During early pregnancy, your hormones cause them to be extra-sensitive to scent.

Your cat may start rubbing against you as a way to make sure you’re smelling normal again. 

Pregnancy symptoms include an increase in body temperature. Your cat may want to sit on you at inconvenient times, and they may like to check that you are safe and well. 

How Soon Can Cats Sense Your Pregnancy? 

Cats can sense when they’re pregnant as early as 3-4 weeks. Home pregnancy tests should be taken after your period is late. It takes 2-3 days for the test results to come back. You’ll need to wait until then to find out if you’re expecting. 

How Do Cats Sense Pregnancy? 

Cats are sensitive animals, and they are aware of the hormones you produce during pregnancy. Your cat may become more affectionate towards you, or he/she may be calmer than usual.

This could be because your cat is picking up on your hormones. 

What Does My Cat Do During My Pregnancy? 

Your cat will usually act differently towards you during your pregnancy. She may rub up against you, or want to jump into bed with you.

Some cats may even want to sleep near you. This is because they know you are carrying a child, and they want to protect you and that child. 

Can Cats Sense Body Language?

Cats are very sensitive to changes in their surroundings. Pregnant women are often sick, and this may cause them to move slower or act differently.

Their partners organize meals because the pregnant woman gets sick when she eats certain foods. These changes are noticed by the cat, who knows what is going on.

When a cat senses that its owner is pregnant, it will seek attention from him or her. It will want to spend more time with the person who is carrying the baby.

It will want to help out, and show affection. Cats are very protective of their owners, and will want to keep them healthy and happy. They will want to stay close to them.

When a cat senses that its partner is pregnant, it will want to spend more quality time together. The cat will want to play, groom, and cuddle.

It will want to be close to the person who is carrying a child. It will want to keep the partner warm and cozy. 

Do Cats Like Babies?

A lot of people believe that cats don’t care for children. That’s not true! Cats love being with children. They enjoy playing with kids.

They enjoy sleeping next to them. And they love watching over them. A cat doesn’t mind having a baby around. He just wants to ensure that the baby stays safe and healthy.

Will My Cat Get Annoyed That I’m pregnant? 

Pregnancy can also make some cats grumpy and mean. Their routine gets disrupted when you move things around for the baby. This is because cats are creatures of habit. 

When you give them breakfast later, they get angry. When you change their litter box, they get mad. If you take away their food, they get upset. 

So, yes, sometimes cats get irritated when they see that you have changed something about yourself. But they still love you, and they still want to be loved.

How Do I Calm My Cat When I Am Pregnant? 

Cats hate changes in routine, even if they’re high-strung or anxious. Moving things around slowly helps cats deal with change. A cat’s bed should be moved slowly to avoid anxiety.

Cats can be very helpful when caring for babies. However, cats should never be allowed inside the nursery. A baby gate or screen door could prevent a cat from entering the room.

Cats are very smart animals. They’re great hunters. They’re also very curious. They love exploring new places and trying new things.

When cats are around babies, they’ll play with toys or even try to eat the baby. This can be dangerous because babies can choke if they get too close to their mouths. 

So it’s important to introduce the cat to the baby’s room before the baby gets there. This helps the cat get used to the new surroundings and learn how to behave around people. 

Cats need routine, so if you want to make sure they stay happy, you should try to give them some! You should also pay attention to what they do when you aren’t around.

Cats love to play, and they enjoy interacting with other cats. Playtime is essential, even though it may seem silly.


Cats are very affectionate creatures. They enjoy cuddling with their human friends, and some cats will be happy you are pregnant, and they will love your baby. Each cat is different, and you have to remember this. 

Final Thoughts

Cats are loving animals, and they love babies. Some cats may feel anxious if their routine changes, and they may act differently. Cats can often tell if you are pregnant, and they may want to look after you.

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