Do Cats Get Jealous?

Do cats get jealous? If you ask anyone who has owned a cat, they’ll tell you that they don’t.

They might even say that their cat never gets jealous. But does that mean that cats aren’t capable of jealousy?

The idea that cats don’t get jealous is pretty much a myth. In reality, cats can get jealous, just like humans.

And sometimes, they can become very upset if someone else takes their attention away from them.

Cats can get jealous, just like us. There are several ways that cats show jealousy. For example, they may try to bite or scratch another animal.

Or they may start acting aggressive towards other animals.

Cats can also be jealous when it comes to food. Sometimes, they will want to eat the same thing as another cat.

And if they do, they may act aggressively towards the other cat.

If your cat shows signs of being jealous, there are numerous things that you can do to help him feel better.

You can make sure that he’s getting enough exercise and playtime. This will keep his mind busy. You should also give your cat plenty of affection.

He needs to know that you love him and care about him.

Finally, you should always remember that it’s okay for your cat to be jealous.

It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. It means that he wants what belongs to him.

How To Make A Cat Stop Being Jealous Of Other Animals

Jealousy in cats is not something new. As long as people have been keeping pets, they’ve probably seen this behavior before.

However, some cats are more prone to jealousy than others.

There are many reasons why cats can get jealous. Some of these include:

  1. The way that they were raised. If your cat was raised by an owner who didn’t spend time with her, she might be more likely to be jealous.
  2. The way that they’re treated. If your cat was mistreated at one point in his life, he could be more prone to jealousy.
  3. Their personality. Some cats are more likely to be jealous than others.
  4. The type of pet that they live with. If your cat lives with multiple pets, he could be more likely to be suspicious.
  5. How old they are. Older cats tend to be less tolerant of other animals taking up space in their territory.
  6. What kind of environment they live in. If your cat lives in a house where there are lots of loud noises, he could be more susceptible to jealousy.
  7. The amount of stimulation that they receive. If your cat spends most of his time alone, he could be more inclined to be jealous.
  8. The size of their home. If your cat lives inside a small cage, he could be more vulnerable to jealousy.
  9. Whether they have a litter box. If your cat isn’t given access to a litter box, he could be more apt to be jealous.
  10. Whether they sleep on a bed. If your cat sleeps on a hard surface, he could be more sensitive to jealousy.

How To Stop Jealous Behavior In Cats

The best way to stop a cat from showing jealousy is to understand what makes them so insecure.

Once you figure out what causes their insecurity, you’ll be able to find a solution.

For example, if your cat seems to be jealous because he thinks that someone else has taken over his territory, then you need to make sure that no one does.

You can use a fence to block off part of your yard. Or you can put up a sign that says “No trespassing”.

If your cat is jealous because he thinks that you don’t pay attention to him, then you need to show him that you do.

Play with him, feed him treats, and spend quality time with him.

If your cat is jealous because you don’t let him sleep on the bed, then you need to provide him with a safe place to sleep.

You can buy a soft blanket and put it under his bed. Or you can purchase a large pillow that you can tuck into the corner of the room.

If your cat is feeling insecure because he feels like you’re spending too much money on yourself, then you need to cut back on how much you spend.

Spend only what you can afford. And save all of your extra cash. This will help your cat feel secure about himself.

You may also want to consider getting rid of any toys that your cat doesn’t like. These toys could be making him jealous.

If none of these solutions work for your cat, then you should seek professional help.

There are many types of behavior problems that can cause jealousy in your cat. It’s important that you get this issue fixed as soon as possible.

Cat Jealousy Symptoms

  1. Your cat starts acting aggressive towards other animals.
  2. He becomes possessive of objects.
  3. He begins to act aggressively towards people who come near his food bowl.
  4. He stops eating.
  5. His eyes become bloodshot.
  6. He gets upset when you leave the room.
  7. He snarls at you when you approach him.
  8. He growls at you when you pet him.
  9. He bites you when you touch him.
  10. He tries to bite your hand when you pick him up.
  11. He attacks anything that moves.
  12. He urinates on the floor.
  13. He acts scared around strangers.
  14. He won’t allow anyone to enter his house.
  15. He hides in places where he knows that no one will see him.
  16. He goes crazy whenever another animal comes near his home.
  17. He jumps on top of things.
  18. He climbs onto furniture.
  19. He pees in inappropriate places.
  20. He runs away when you try to play with him.


To conclude, cats get jealous because they feel insecure.

If you can figure out what makes them insecure, then you’ll be able to solve the problem without further agitating your feline friend.

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