Do Cats Burp?

There is a fair bit of controversy over whether or not cats can burp. Cats do burp sometimes but it’s very uncommon.

Most veterinarians think it’s impossible for cats to burp and some argue the noises that sound like burping are something else entirely.  

However, there are many possible reasons for why cats might be ‘burping’. These reasons include:

  1. Gas buildup in the stomach.
  2. Because they’re eating too fast.
  3. Cats may burp when they’re sick.
  4. They may have an upset stomach.
  5. Cats may burp while sleeping.
  6. After eating something that makes them feel full.
  7. Cats may burp during playtime.
  8. It could be a sign of stress.
  9. Cats may burp to let others know that they need help.
  10. In order to communicate with other

Some vets will argue that cats don’t burp because of their anatomy. They have a special structure in the larynx that makes them purr when they’re happy.

This structure also allows them to make a loud noise by making air come out of their mouth and nose and are not considered burping.

However, cats can still swallow in the air when they eat and drink. Their tongues bend towards their chests, forming a spoon shape to drink water.

When they drink, they release air bubbles along with the liquid. These air bubbles can travel down their throats and end up in their stomachs

Is It A Concern?

Cats can get sick by eating too much and getting gas. Cat owners should watch out for any signs of an upset tummy. A cat may burp if he gets too full. This can be  caused by acid reflux and esophagitis. Medication can also cause cats to burp when swallowing pills.

If you notice your cat seems to be making strange noises that sound like burps it may be that he has digestive problems and might be suffering from an illness called feline inflammatory bowel disease. 

If your cat has been in for an operation burp like sounds can be caused by anesthesia because anesthesia causes temporary muscle paralysis.

Muscles involved in digestion are paralyzed. Burping resolves quickly as anesthesia wears off and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. 

If your cat is making burp-like sounds on a regular basis you should see a vet right away especially if you  notice any other symptoms, then your cat may need medical attention.

What To Do 

Your cat may be having problems breathing because he/she had an operation or was recently given medicine. They can seem like burps but you should take your cat to the vet right away if it is related to breathing. 

If you can’t get to a vet straight away, record videos of your cat making strange noises. Burping can be  caused by an inflamed esophagus, which can in turn be caused by certain medications or an infection. 


Cats should be fed a high-quality diet that is rich in nutrients. A cat needs a specific amount of dietary protein every day to stay healthy. Too much carbohydrate and fat may cause gas problems. Avoid feeding your cat junk food! The following a good feeding structure to follow:

  • Cooked egg whites – 98%
  • Muscle meat (chicken, etc.) – 92%
  • Organ meats (kidney, etc.) – 90%

Animal-based proteins are more digested than plant-based proteins

Balance The Macronutrients

If you notice your cat burps after eating, be wary of food intolerances and allergies and maybe keep a diary of when it happens. 

Kittens need extra nutrition to develop quickly. Their diets should be grain-free and include real meat sources like duck or turkey. As they mature, their diets should be enriched with vitamins and amino acids for an optimal immune system.

Obesity in cats is common and can lead to other diseases. Cats who are overweight struggle to do the things they enjoy. Cats are obligate carnivores.

They need meat to survive and their digestive system is designed to process meat proteins. Protein-rich diets will help them stay a healthy weight and resolve any digestion issues and excessive burping.  

Older cats are prone to kidney problems, so feeding them a low-fat diet is important. As cats get older, they tend to lose weight, get arthritis and have problems with digestion, making them more prone to burping and farting issues. 

Older cats are more likely to get sick because their body is starting to wear out. A senior cat needs a high-quality diet. The best thing you can do for your cat is to feed him a high-quality kibble.

Your vet can help you choose the right type of cat food for your senior feline based on your pet’s specific needs.

What About Farting?

Cats can fart for sure. When they eat, they take longer to digest what they have eaten. This means that the gas produced by digestion stays longer inside the body longer before being released through the anus.

Flatulence is common among cats, but it isn’t always a sign of illness. Your cat may or may not be experiencing digestive issues because of something he ate. But equally, he  might also be suffering from a physical condition such as kidney disease. You should take him to the vet if you notice any unusual behavior.

Changing their food may help prevent the problem of flatulence. Cats aren’t meant to eat human food. You should avoid giving them snacks meant for humans.  Human food can cause flatulence and other gastrointestinal problems.

You should also try to  avoid cheap cat food and try quality, minimally processed ingredients. Cats are sneaky creatures who love to eat rotten meat so make sure you don’t leave any leftovers lying around.

A rotting piece of meat can be very tempting to cats, but it can also cause them serious digestive problems.

Cat farts can stink! If this is the case your cat may be suffering from a digestive illness called tritrichomoniasis foetida. This disease causes your cat to produce large amounts of gas.

You should take your cat to the vet right away if he has this problem. Bring him a fresh stool sample to let your vet check out what’s going on with his digestion.


So, we will leave you to decide if cats actually burp, whether they do or whether they don’t. We love our feline companions. 

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