Chocolate Point Siamese Cat

Siamese cats come in all different colors and patterns, and they’re among the most sought after cats in the United States. 

There are plenty of perfectly valid reasons for that, and we’ll certainly show you that in this guide. If you’re thinking of getting a new furry friend or want to know more about the chocolate point Siamese cats, then join us today. 

We’re going to look at the overall profile of the chocolate point, including its history, its appearance, its personality and how to look after them. 

So, let’s get right into it!

What Is A Chocolate Point?

A chocolate point is a type of Siamese cat that has become increasingly popular with cat lovers in the world. It’s a genetic break-away from the seal point Siamese cats and is one of the genetic variations of them. 

In fact, prior to the 1950s, the chocolate point was considered one of the badly colored seal point cats, but over time they were given their independence as a Siamese breed and were officially granted their individuality! 

They’re one of the oldest in terms of recognized Siamese colors and are rather well known as a Siamese cat among cat enthusiasts and breeders. 

Despite this though, they’re relatively rare to find and can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between the seal point Siamese cats in terms of their overall traits. However, in appearance you can separate the two. 

Seal point Siamese cats generally have a body of entirely white, cream or ivory definition, whereas (as you can probably guess), chocolate points are recognized by their dark brown colors which resemble chocolate. 

However, when both of these Siamese cats are kittens, they can be nearly impossible to tell apart. This is until they develop and begin to show off their obvious markings and colors. 

When these cats were being bred, a group of people aimed to breed a milk chocolate Siamese color, but later understood and recognized the varieties. 

Appearance Of Chocolate Points

As with other Siamese cats, these cats have deep blue eyes and an elegant appearing fur coat. They are a little larger than average cats, weighing in at around 12 pounds.

They have an ivory body and then a chocolate appearing brown color to their points. Their tail and ears will have the same color, but their ears might differ in color.

Their ears are pointed into triangular shapes and are typically the darkest point on their body. 

Their overall color tone seems to blend in, through light and dark brown. Their faces appear inquisitive and curious in normal circumstances. 

Some, in rare situations, have more pink undertones with colored mittens and some might have a lighter-brown color coat – but typically this will be a white or ivory body with a darker, chocolate colored marking over this.

Over the course of their lives, chocolate points tend to get noticeably darker, whereas seal point Siamese cats do not.

This is one way you can tell the two apart, if you have one and you’re unsure which Siamese cat you actually have!

Seal points also have no pink in their nose, whereas chocolate points usually do. The Governing Council Of The Cat Fancy (GCCF) define chocolate points as exhibiting the following appearance:

  • Chocolate and pink nose leather and paws
  • An ivory body with some shading which tones the points
  • The points are colored in milk chocolate, ears cannot be darker than the face (mask)
  • Bright, clear blue eyes

They will look at these areas typically before things like shows or to differentiate their “cat quality” for breeders and penalize them on areas before categorization.

These areas can affect their overall costs when purchasing a chocolate point. 

Personality Traits Of Chocolate Points 

Much like other Siamese cats, chocolate points are perfect for any household with cat lovers. There are few cat breeds that have a perfectly behaved and perfectly appearing lifestyle. 

Chocolate points are very vocal. They love to speak with humans, whether that is their owners, the owner’s friends, the mailman, the pizza delivery worker – anyone! 

They will actively come up to anybody and expect a stroke and a conversation. They have a cute, raspy voice which sometimes can be described as a crying baby. 

They love to tell their humans when they’re hungry, happy, thirsty or ready for play! Speaking of play, they absolutely want to do that all the time. 

They’re very energetic and have heaps of time for you to play with them. They enjoy basic play like using toys or rope, but they’re just as easily entertained with your arm or an empty cardboard box. 

Even though they’re very playful though, the thing they enjoy the most is being cuddled and stroked by their humans.

They want you to give them your full attention most of the day, and they’re so laid back when they’re being stroked, you’ll just hear their purrs of happiness. 

The only thing to remember here though is that because they love socializing so much, they absolutely cannot be left alone in the house, they will develop depression.

They’re happy if you leave them with another animal, preferably another cat though.

In fact, they’re so placid that they can get along with most other animals, including big dogs! Just don’t think it’s wise to leave them to chat with your hamster or bunny, they tend to get a little too close to those!

Taking Care Of The Chocolate Point 

Similar to the seal point, chocolate points are a breed of cat that need to have a good and healthy diet to ensure a long life, and it will also promote a healthy coat.

There’s little need to take them for frequent grooming, and you won’t be cleaning up lots of fur every day.

They shed very little due to their fur length, and you can keep them happy and groomed by brushing their fur with your hands. They’ll love that!


Chocolate points are beautifully striking cats and are a great addition to any household. Just be sure to keep them happy, fed, played with and loved!

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