Can Cats Have Bacon?

Here’s the thing, if you are a bacon lover, then you will know that there is no flavor quite like it. Bacon is super tasty, salty, and also crispy-this is a firm favorite of people’s breakfasts and brunches.

As you know, cats are carnivores, so they might be tempted to sample the taste of crispy bacon.

But, we are guessing that you are here because you are unsure as to whether or not cats can eat bacon.

The Simple Answer

It is important to remember that cats will have very different nutritional requirements in comparison to humans, and this is why they also digest food in different ways to humans.

This is the reason why cats and humans can’t eat the same foods; many items that are safe and healthy for humans to eat can actually be hazardous to cats.

This is why it is important to do your research and check exactly what cats can eat regularly and as treats.

Cats can eat bacon, but this should just be as a treat; this should not be something that your cat eats super regularly. However, there is no harm in giving your cat bacon now and again.

If you feed your cat bacon too often, then there can be some severe hazards that can have an impact on your cat’s health.

Will Your Cat Enjoy Bacon?

So, cats are obligate carnivores, and this means that they have to consume meat in order to be healthy. To break it down in a super simple way, bacon is pig meat and so this is safe for cats to eat.

Here’s the thing, cats will really enjoy bacon, and they will salivate over it. They will be on the lookout for proteins that come from meat, and eating crispy bacon will really fulfill their taste buds.

However, cats will not understand what is good for them and what is not good for them – so they will consume food until they are sick.

This is where being a responsible pet owner comes into play – you have to call the dietary shots and be well-restrained. As a pet owner, it is your job to control your pet’s diet.

Will Eating Bacon Benefit Cats?

So, for us humans, we know that bacon can be a pretty essential source of protein and, therefore, energy. This is partly what makes it a popular breakfast choice – but will bacon have the same benefits for cats?

Bacon is what we would call a healthy treat for humans, but there are some issues with cats consuming bacon as often as humans.

Bacon should not be a substitute for cat food; this should just be something that is given to your cat on rare occasions. This is why we are branding bacon as a healthy treat for both humans and cats!

Bacon And Salt Levels

It is true that a healthy cat diet will provide your cat with all the benefits that it needs, but foods that have especially high salt levels are not vital for your cat’s diet.

Cats are similar to humans in the sense that we both need to be concerned about our salt intake. Here’s the thing, bacon is mostly processed with salt, so having an intake that is too high can be as dangerous as eating too much processed meat.

Too much salt in your cat’s diet can have detrimental consequences; for instance, it can cause lethargy and dehydration. Too much salt can also cause seizures, and it can also cause a significant increase in your cat’s blood pressure.

Here’s the thing, bacon is processed meat and so giving your cat too much of this can have some serious health consequences.

In worst cases, it can lead to heart disease and also malignancies of the lungs, and your cat’s risk of obesity and diabetes will be heightened.

Bacon And All The Nutritional Facts

So, bacon which is produced from pig belly, will have a lot of fat and also a lot of cholesterol.

In case it was not clear, large quantities of fat and salt are especially harmful to the health of your cats – and too much fat in your cat’s diet will cause problems down the line.

Some of these problems could be in relation to digestion difficulties or obesity, and there are a whole host of health issues that can come with this.

It is also important to think about the preservatives in bacon because bacon is cured with nitrates, nitrites, and also nitrosamines. These preservatives are what can be really harmful to your cat’s health.

Bacon is also low in nutrients, and this is the exact opposite of what is needed to keep cats healthy. Unfortunately, bacon is not the cure to keeping your cats as healthy as possible.

You do not want to switch out your cat’s regular food for bacon because this can cause salt toxicity and also nutritional deficiencies. You do not want to be unintentionally harming your cat’s health.

Can Cats Eat Raw Or Cooked Bacon?

So, it is not recommended that you feed your cat raw bacon – it should be prepared so that any germs and parasites are removed.

However, there is actually no harm in feeding your cat raw bacon as a treat – as long as it is fresh and as long as it is clean. Cats will probably prefer cooked bacon, but they will not turn their noses up at raw bacon.

In Conclusion

It is true that bacon is super tasty and salty and crispy – and this is what makes it one of the best foods of all time. Here’s the thing, bacon is a well-loved food, and this is what would make it appealing to cats as well as us.

Some people will see bacon as more of a treat food, whereas other people will have it every morning as part of their breakfast.

So, if you have a cat, then there is a pretty strong chance that it will really want bacon, from the smell of the bacon to watching you eat – these things will entice your cat.

Cats can eat bacon – but it should just be as a treat and not something that they consume all the time.

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