Can Cats Eat Green Beans?

Cats are not known for their love of vegetables. They’d much rather tuck into meaty dishes or nibble on fishy snacks. As obligate carnivores, cats need these meats for a healthy diet and rely on them for nutrition and sustenance…

Which is why you might be surprised to see your cat begging for your plate of green beans. Despite not being one of their ordinary food sources, cats are often fans of this legume and able to eat it without digestive issues.

In fact, green beans might actually be good for your cats!

To learn more about green beans and the benefit they might have in a kitty diet, take a look at our guide. 

Can Cats Eat Green Beans?

Yes, cats can safely eat green beans. There aren’t many vegetables that a cat can eat or many that a cat will enjoy. As cats are obligate carnivores, they need meat to survive, and veg doesn’t form a large part of their diet.

Green beans are one of the vegetables that your cat can eat and enjoy. And as green beans are full of fiber and relatively high in protein, they might be a good food source for your beloved pet. 

Green beans are an excellent source of fiber, so they’re a great addition to your cat’s diet. Fiber helps keep your cat feeling fuller longer and reduces the risk of digestive problems. It’s also important for cats’ overall health.

Before you add green beans to your cat’s diet, speak to your vet first. Although green beans are generally safe, it’s always best to check before introducing human foods as a regular treat. 

Can Cats Eat Raw Green Beans? 

Yes, cats can eat raw green beans. They can be a good source of both fiber and protein.

Some cats will enjoy the crunch of a raw bean and might nibble them straight from your hand as a treat. But you might have better luck slicing your green beans and mixing them in with your cat’s favorite food. 

Cooked green beans are also safe for cats, assuming they’ve been either steamed or cooked on their own. But be careful if you’ve cooked the beans with other ingredients.

A popular method of cooking green beans is to sauté them alongside garlic. Garlic is toxic for cats, and consumption can cause serious issues.

You also want to avoid giving your cats green bean casserole. This typically contains onions and mushrooms, which aren’t safe for felines. 

You can also give your cat frozen green beans. Just make sure to cook them before eating. Your cat will not enjoy being offered ice-cold vegetable treats. 

Also, avoid giving your cats any green beans from a can. These will often contain high levels of added sodium, which isn’t good for pets (or people). If you do want to try canned green beans, consider either low-sodium or, even better, no-sodium. 

If you want to feed your cat green beans, it’s better not to feed them from your plate. Green beans might be okay for cats, but they’re typically served with other ingredients that aren’t feline friendly.

Can Green Beans Help Your Cat Slim Down?

If you’ve noticed your cat has started to put on weight, you might want to consider a diet. Obesity can be very dangerous in cats and is often caused by overfeeding. Green beans can be used as a low-calorie alternative to other snacks.

Before putting your cat on a diet, consult with your vet. Make sure you’re using a medically-approved diet plan and that the cat does actually need to be on a diet. If you have a particularly fluffy cat, they might look heavier than they actually are.

Your vet might recommend that you slowly replace parts of your cat’s diet with green beans. For example, you might replace 10 percent of their usual cat foods with green beans.

This can be particularly helpful if your cat is an over-eater, and you don’t want them to go hungry. 

Because green beans are so rich in fiber, they can also work as a digestive aid. A small amount every day can kick-start your cat’s brand new diet plan. 

You can also use green beans to replace unhealthy snacks. If your cat lacks calorie-heavy treats, then try giving them green beans as a healthier snack. 

Are There Any Problems With Feeding Your Cat Green Beans?

Green beans are safe for cats, but that doesn’t mean they should become a large part of the feline diet. Cats are obligate carnivores, and won’t get the nutrition they need from any fruits and vegetables, including green beans.

Green beans are also a major source of fiber. Too much fiber can cause stomach issues and reduce nutrient intake. Roughly 4 or 5 green beans a day should be enough. Avoid giving them any more than that.

Some cats may struggle to digest high-fiber raw green beans, and they might cause stomach upsets. Try steaming green beans for a quick preparation method that will make the vegetable easier on your cat’s stomach. 

Don’t forget; your cat simply might not enjoy the taste. If you can’t get your cat to eat green beans, consider chopping them up small and mixing them in with their favorite pet food.

If they eat around the green beans, then your cat probably isn’t a fan. Try introducing some other cat-safe vegetables to their diet, such as cooked carrots or broccoli.

As with any food, the key is moderation. If your kitty likes green beans, it’s fine to offer them as a treat or as a supplement for part of their meals. But don’t use green beans as a substitute for dinner, or your cat won’t get the nutrients that they need. 

Final Thoughts

Green beans are a healthy treat for your furry friend and one of the few vegetables that are safe for cats to eat. For overweight cats, green beans can act as a healthy, high-fiber alternative to calorie-rich kitty treats. 

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