Can Cats Cry?

Cats are known for their ability to purr, meow, and even hiss. But did you know they also cry? They can do so at times of stress or discomfort.

Cats are considered to be man’s best friend, but they aren’t always friendly. In fact, cats can sometimes be quite aggressive towards other animals. And although they don’t usually bite humans, they can cause serious injuries.

Cats can cry because they have tear glands located near their eyes. The tears are clear and watery, and they contain proteins called lysozymes. These enzymes break down bacteria and viruses.

Cats use their tear ducts to express their emotions. When a cat is happy, it will rub its face on the ground, and when it is angry, it will swat at objects with its paws.

Cats can also cry in response to pain. If your cat has an injury, such as a cut paw, he may cry out in distress. This is one of the reasons why cats should never sleep on hard surfaces.

In addition to crying, cats can also make sounds that resemble human speech. For example, if a cat hears another animal approaching, it might growl or hiss.

In some cases, cats can actually mimic human voices. A few years ago, a cat named Garfield was filmed mimicking the voice of a woman who had died.

He would sit by her bedside and imitate her voice, which made people wonder whether he could understand what she said.

However, there is no evidence that cats can speak like this. It seems more likely that Garfield simply heard the sound of the woman’s voice and recognized it as something familiar.

Do Cats Cry When They Are In Pain?

Yes! Cats can cry when they’re hurt, just like we do. However, unlike us, they don’t have any control over their tears.

When a cat cries, it’s not because he wants to get attention. Rather, it’s because he’s feeling stressed or uncomfortable.

When a cat experiences pain, he’ll often try to hide it. If he feels too much pain, however, he may need to let others know about it.

If your cat suffers from arthritis, he may cry out whenever he moves. You can help him feel better by giving him plenty of exercise and taking him outside every day.

What Happens To Tears From A Cat’s Eyes?

Tears are produced by special glands located near the eye. They come from two different sources: the lacrimal gland and the meibomian gland.

The lacrimal gland produces tears that moisten the eye. The meibomian gland makes oils that protect the eyes. Both of these glands produce tears in large quantities during times of stress.

How Do We Know That Cats Can Cry?

Scientists have known for many years that cats can cry. But until recently, nobody knew exactly why they did so. Scientists believe that cats cry because they have a similar anatomy to humans.

For instance, both species have tear glands located near the eye, and they produce tears containing proteins called lysozymes. 

Why Does A Cat Have Tear Glands Near His Eye?

Like other mammals, cats have tear glands near their eyes. These glands produce tears that keep the eyes moist.

Why Is There Lysozyme In Cats’ Tears?

Lysozymes are enzymes found in all animals except birds and fish. They break down cell walls, making them easier to digest.

Lysozymes are important for fighting infections. For example, they destroy bacteria that cause pneumonia.

They also play an essential role in immune responses. When an organism gets infected, the body releases antibodies against the invader.

These antibodies attach themselves to the invaders’ cells, causing the cells to die. This process is called phagocytosis.

In order to kill the invading organisms, the body needs to release lysosomal enzymes. Lysosomes are structures inside cells where these enzymes reside.

In addition to destroying bacteria, lysosomal enzymes also attack viruses and parasites. So what does this mean for cats? Well, scientists think that cats use their tears to fight off disease-causing germs.

Why Do Some People Think That Cats Don’t Feel Pain?

People sometimes say that cats don’t feel pain because they don’t show signs of discomfort. However, this isn’t true.

Cats do feel pain. And if you want to see how much they suffer, simply look at their faces.

A cat’s face will tell you everything you need to know about his level of pain. If he looks sad, he probably has a headache. If he looks angry, he might be experiencing some sort of physical injury.

How Do I Make My Cat Stop Crying?

You can make your cat stop crying by putting him on a schedule. Give him lots of attention when he wants it, but no more than he deserves.

You should also give him enough food and water to meet his daily nutritional requirements. Also give him plenty of toys and opportunities to stretch his muscles.

If you’re having trouble getting your cat to stop crying, talk with your veterinarian. He may recommend one or more medications that could help.

If none of those suggestions work, you can also try giving your cat a bath. You’ll find out whether he likes being wet. 


To conclude, cats do cry. Their tears contain lysozmes, which protect them from infection. But most importantly, they cry because they love us and desire our attention and care.

The best way to ensure that your cat stops crying is to offer them comfort, warmth and the affection that they require. 

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