Applehead Siamese Cats – What Are They?

We all know what the Siamese cat breed is like – they are highly sought-after as a breed for their unique and stunning appearance. The Siamese cat is native to Thailand, but it is now being bred all over the world. 

What we know of the Siamese cat is their triangular-shaped face, their long, lithe bodies, and their talkative nature. However, there are actually many types of modern Siamese cat.

Applehead Siamese Cats – What Are They?

And three different types of traditional Siamese cat – all with different physical traits and personality characteristics. The Applehead Siamese is one of these ‘types’ of traditional Siamese cat. 

Carry on reading to find out what the Applehead Siamese cat is, what it looks like, and where it came from!

What Is The Applehead Siamese Cat’s History? 

This breed of cat stems from Siam in Thailand. They were one of the traditional pets that many people owned, or wanted to own. First and foremost, however, they are the original cats of Siam’s Royalty. 

These cats were well-regarded thousands of years ago, and the Siam’s Royalty would give them as gifts to people they treasured. To receive a Siamese cat was a great honor. 

According to multiple sources, Siamese cats have a huge amount of history that dates back to around 1350 AD.

This particular type of Siamese cat is called an Applehead Siamese cat because the shape of their head looks very similar to (you’ve guessed it) an apple.

Their heads are particularly round and large, and they have the wonderfully blue eyes that are commonly associated with Siamese cats.  

It is reported that the Applehead Siamese breed was exported out of Thailand and to the areas in the West in the 19th Century.

The reputation that this cat had with royalty and high society in Thailand was part of their appeal in the West, and they quickly became one of the most popular cats in the world. 

What Are The Other Types Of Traditional Siamese Cat?

The other breeds of traditional Siamese cat, apart from the Applehead, are the ‘Classic’ and the ‘Old Style’ Siamese cats. 

The Classic breed have an athletic build, which is different to the Applehead’s muscular build. Their most notable features are their very long tails and a large dip in their nose. 

The Old Style cats are are less popular now than they were in the late 1900s, and aren’t bred as often as the other two traditional Siamese breeds.

However, they do seem to have a perfect blend of the Classic and the Applehead breeds. 

They have a medium-sized build, which is smaller than the other two breeds. However, it is still bigger than the modern wedge Siamese cat.

They have long faces rather than the round or diamond shapes, and their ears are broad which contrasts with their small, almond-shaped noses. 

Applehead Siamese Cat Appearance

Applehead cats are easy to identify by their big head shapes. Their eyes are also distinctive, as well as the color points.

Their coats are usually white or cream-colored, and they have brown, black and tan points. These color points are similar to the other traditional Siamese cats

Appleheads are large cats with big heads, muscular bodies, and wide-set round eyes. When compared to other types of traditional Siamese cats with quite narrow shaped heads.

The Applehead cats have wedge-shaped faces. Their tails are thick and long. The large bones and larger size (some can weigh up to 18 pounds) are very distinctive of the traditional Siamese cats. 

Applehead Siamese Cat Personality

Applehead Siamese Cat Personality

Applehead Siamese Cats are incredibly smart and good-natured. Even more so, they are active and playful! Their curiosity knows no bounds, and exploration (with their humans at their side) is one of their favorite pastimes. 

One thing to bear in mind with the Applehead breed is that they can be very sensitive, and they will most likely need constant care.

They get easily depressed if they are left alone for long periods of time. You won’t be able to leave them alone every day, for things like going to work or going on holiday. 

However, with this need to be around people all the time comes a fierce loyalty! 

Like other Siamese cats, the Applehead is a very chatty breed. They will give you regular updates on what they can see outside, what they are doing inside, and whether they are hungry. 

How Should You Care For An Applehead Siamese Cat?

Applehead Siamese cats don’t have any particular health conditions, and they aren’t at risk of diseases that other cats aren’t.

The main thing to consider with an Applehead is their slightly longer fur, which will need to be brushed regularly to prevent matting and skin infections. 

How Can I Tell What Kind Of Siamese Cat I Have? 

The main way to distinguish which type of Siamese cat you have is by the cat’s coat and color points. Interestingly, there isn’t actually a coat pattern that is shared by all the types of Siamese cat.

If you take note of your cat’s specific color points, you should be able to search them on the internet and work out how the coat corresponds with a Siamese breed. 

Should Siamese Cats Have Special Food? 

The main thing you should ensure your Siamese cat eats is a meat-based diet. This will help to sustain their larger bones and their thick coats.

Other than that, Siamese cats don’t need any special types of food or vitamins to keep them healthy. 

To Sum Up… 

Applehead cats are a traditional type of Siamese cat. They were very sought-after in ancient Siam, and were given as gifts for royalty and loved ones. 

Applehead Siamese cats are very big and strong. Their heads are round and apple shaped. Their eyes are slightly rounder than others.

They are mainly cream-colored, with noticeably dark color points around their eyes, ears and paws. Their tails are shorter than other types of Siamese cats. 

They are athletic and sociable, but they do need to be around people all the time to remain happy. 

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