All About Tabby Pointed Siamese Cat

The tabby pointed Siamese is a breed of cat. They are a crossbreed, which means they are not purebred. 

They are a beautiful breed, who exist as adored household domestic cats in lots of countries around the world. 

All About Tabby Pointed Siamese Cat

This guide explores their history, features, and how to handle them if you are thinking of acquiring one for your house as a pet. 

Tabby Pointed Siamese Cat History

The tabby pointed Siamese is also known as the Lynx Point Siamese. The two names refer to the same breed. 

It was a breed created by humans in the early 1950s. It eventually caught some traction as a popular pet choice by the 1960s, and it remains a popular crossbreed to this day. 

The two breeds that were crossed are known as the American shorthair cat and the Seal Point Siamese. 

The American Shorthair is originally from Europe, despite the name, and has been around since the 1800s.

The Seal Point Siamese is originally from Thailand and goes back to the 1300s. They did not reach European or American shores until the late 1800s.

This is when they were subjected to new crossbreeding programs. And that’s how the tabby pointed Siamese came to be in existence.  

What Does A Tabby Pointed Siamese Cat Look Like?

A tabby point Siamese cat, given that is a crossbreed, can look different from litter to litter. Saying that there are some general similarities that the breed takes on from cat to cat.

The most noticeable feature that stands out across the crossbreed is the stripes. They have stripes on most of their body.

The main areas that the stripes covers are the legs and paws, and over their face. Their blue eyes are framed by whichever color fur they have in stripes as well. 

Their ears are triangle shaped, and they mainly have blue eyes. The blue eyes come from the Siamese side of the breeding.

Depending on what color the cat is, again this can vary from cat to cat, their face has the same colored stripes. Another striking feature that sets this breed apart is the mark of the letter M on their foreheads. 

Tabby Point Siamese cats have long tails. The tails don’t typically have stripes. The tails are similar to the rest of the coat.

The long tail has circles or rings along the length. It is only the main body of the Tabby Point Siamese that is plain and block color, and mainly free from stripes or other patterns. 

The colors that this cat comes in are as follows. Apricot, red brown, caramel brown, lilac, dark brown, and fiery brown. 

Tabby Pointed Siamese Personality Type

Charming. Pro relationships. Affectionate. Happy. These are just some personality traits of the tabby pointed Siamese breed.

Unlike other domestic cat breeds, a Siamese may just follow you around and favor sleeping curled up next to you or even, on your lap. They stay close to their families, and they let you know that you are important in their life. 

Voice wise, they don’t tend to ‘meow’ or speak up all that much. You won’t find them caterwauling late at night and calling out to their cat peers across the neighborhood.

They won’t badger you with shouts for food or their other essential needs. They are more inclined to physical communication.

They have a tendency to herd or be present until you give them what they have decided they need. It can be a very direct level of communication that owners find helpful to get on board with. 

Tabby Pointed Siamese is also exceptionally intelligent. This may contribute towards their preference for action over ‘words’. They come to know their daily routine rapidly and like to stick by it.

They are creatures of habit and may become stressed or confused if that routine changes suddenly. It won’t take you long to train them. 

Training includes where to go to the bathroom and where their supplies are. But it can also be basic tricks and commands.

Of course, cats are not like dogs in that sense, but they can understand humans and communications nonetheless. 

They like to play. They may often seek you out with their favorite toy and demand interaction. Which, you will, of course, oblige to.

They are higher maintenance in that sense and require a basic level of daily interaction that you may not find with other types of a domesticated feline. 

Is A Tabby Pointed Siamese A Good Domestic Pet?

Is A Tabby Pointed Siamese A Good Domestic Pet?

If you are looking for a family pet that will grow up with your kids, you’ve hit the jackpot with this breed.

Their average life expectancy is up to twenty years, this is twice the average lifespan of the common dog breeds taken in as family pets.

They require routine, functional environments and attention. If you can provide all these things, then there aren’t many reasons why this cat breed isn’t right for you.

You can’t leave this breed for too long on its own. They are passionate creatures who lash out when left alone for too long.

It kicks off a hormonal reaction that causes symptoms and exhibitions akin to depression in humans if they are left to their own devices for too long without guidance and love.

If you get this cat, you can expect a companion. They will sit down and relax with you in the evening. If you’re not careful, they will even try to get in bed and sleep by your side all night long.

Before you commit yourself to having any pet, you must be prepared to give time, commitment, and the right environment. Tabby point Siamese demands time and human attraction. 

They also adore being groomed and will sit patiently while you attend to their coat and even their claws. Expect loud purrs if you ever reach for the cat brush.

If you are warm to this breed, then you can guarantee that they will return that warmness in kind. 

How To Look After A Tabby Pointed Siamese 

Tabby Point Siamese Coat

They are not short hair cats. They have a longish type fur which is very soft and even silk like in parts. It is, thankfully, very easy to groom and stay on top of. Your cat will also help you by grooming themselves often. 

You will have to brush them every week. But, as we’ve seen, they love being brushed and being close to their owners. So, this weekly grooming task will not pose too much of a challenge. 

They may also need a weekly bathing session. This can be more difficult. Cats notoriously dislike baths. There are some exceptions, and you may be lucky in that sense. 

Tabby Point Siamese Ears

The only part that the Tabby Pointed Siamese cannot reach. Their ears. 

The ears are quite low maintenance, but you do need to regularly check them for wax and other obstructions that could be detrimental to the overall health of your cat. 

It might be difficult, and your cat may resist. But it is a necessary check to ensure the safety of the breed. 

If you feel their ears need cleaning, you can do it yourself. Cotton wool balls (not buds), with cooled down boiled water should do the trick. 

If you don’t feel comfortable or confident cleaning their ears alone, you can ask a vet. 

Tabby Point Siamese And Vets

As with any breed, a Tabby Point Siamese will need regular vet checkups. 

These are to make sure they are up-to-date with any booster vaccines, flea, and worm treatments, and to rule out any underlying health conditions. 


The Tabby Point Siamese is a loving cat that would make a great addition to any home as a domestic pet. They are stripy and plain bodied. 

With distinctive markings on their face and clear blue eyes. A striking looking beauty with a pleasing temperament overall. 

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