About Us

Cats are just amazing creatures, aren’t they? If you’re wondering why I created my website Windhaven Ocicats, there it is. I just love cats.

Cats get a harsher reputation than dogs. Dog people will say that cats are hostile and independent. I say - what’s wrong with that? Cats are pets that live alongside humans rather than under them, and that gives them a power that dogs just can’t match. 

There is so much information online about dogs, you can find out almost anything about them at the click of a button. Unfortunately, cats are a little more mysterious and therefore there’s not as much information online about them. 

But this doesn’t make people like us any less curious. So, I started Windhaven Ocicats in the hopes of creating a space that cat lovers can come to and learn more about their favorite animal. 

I’m Courtney Trent and I hope that I can answer some burning questions that you have about cats, as well as some questions that you’d never have thought to ask before. 

I am aiming to shed new light on these amazing pets and hopefully change some people’s opinions on them. Also, let’s talk about wild cats - they’re just as awesome as domestic cats! 

So, stay a while and learn more about domestic and wild cats from Windhaven Ocicats.