A Quick Guide To Ragdoll Cats: Coats And Patterns

The Ragdoll coat patterns and colors make up a long list. The Ragdoll cat is one of the most popular and common breeds of cat in existence.

They have a distinctive look,  however, this look comes in a variety of patterns. 

This guide explores the coat patterns and colors of the Ragdoll cat. We have listed the ten most popular and common Ragdoll Breed varieties. 

Firstly, let’s take a quick look at what the Ragdoll cat breed is all about. 

Ragdoll Cats: A Profile

The Ragdoll is a popular domestic pet. They are beautiful to look at, with a sweet temperament. They are highly intelligent and love to play games with their owners and by themselves. 

You can tell a Ragdoll by its big, bright eyes, which have a lovely shade of intense blue. They tend to have quite fluff filled coats that are also soft and smooth.

This is their other major, distinctive feature. Their most common coat color is white, but it can also be cream and ivory as well. 

The breed first came around in the 1960s and can be traced back to California. It gained popularity after becoming a certified and credible breed a few years later, and can now be found all over the globe. 

They will be a faithful companion to you, and their favorite place to be is sitting on your knee. They might like a small stroll in the garden, but ragdolls won’t wander too far.

They prefer the inside life and will be content lazing around as long as you throw in the odd game here and there.  

Ragdoll Cats And Coat Colors

The following list is all the coat patterns that a Ragdoll cat might have. 

  • Color Point
  • Mitted
  • Lynx
  • Tortie

The following list is all the colors that a Ragdoll cat might have:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Lilac
  • Gray
  • Seal

Ragdoll Breed Variations

Seal Point Ragdoll

The Seal Point Ragdoll is one of the most common types of the Ragdoll breed. You can tell a seal point Ragdoll by its dark brown points around its eyes and ears.

Their fluffy fur is a nice shade of cream. This is complemented by warmer shades throughout their coat across their stomach and up around their chest.

The majority have bright blue eyes, but they can also have frosty gray eyes as well. 

Chocolate Point Ragdoll 

The Chocolate Point Ragdoll looks very similar to the Seal Point Ragdoll. It is also a fairly common variety of the Ragdoll cat. 

The main difference is the slight variation in their body fur color. While the Seal Point Ragdoll has a cream-colored coat, the Chocolate Point is lighter.

Their points on the face and ears and paws are a chocolate brown color. They have a distinctive nose which is typically pink with spots of brown. 

Blue Mitted Point Ragdoll

The Blue Point Ragdoll has off-white fur. They have bars or stripes across their under belly and sometimes their legs. These bars and stripes and a light gray with a hint of ice blue colors.

This blue can splash out across their chest as well. It goes really well with their bright blue eyes. The Blue Point Ragdoll has distinctive white paw pads and light pink noses. 

Red Point Ragdoll

The Red Point Ragdoll is also known as the Flame Point Ragdoll. They have a dazzling, white fluffy body which is a stark contrast to their strikingly red bars and stripes. They are sometimes in the shade of apricot as well.

These bars and stripes are on their stomach and sometimes their legs. They don’t have the same bright blue eyes as the other Ragdoll varieties, but they are still blue. 

Cream Point Ragdoll

The Cream Point Ragdoll has brilliant white fur contrasted by cream bars and stripes. The white and cream are complemented by a slight pink in their paws, nose, and points.

They have black eyes surrounded by a sea blue iris. 

Lilac Point Ragdoll

The Lilac Point Ragdoll has a similar look to the Lilac Lynx Point. They have a white bodied fur. Their points are a stone gray color around their eyes, ears, and paws. The lilac is present in the bars and in their stripes.

They have bright blue eyes, like most varieties of the Ragdoll. 

Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll

The Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll has a cream-colored body splashed with dark seal brown. Their points around the eyes, ears, and paws are the same as you would find on a seal.

Their stripes and bars are also brown. These stripes are very distinctive, more so than other types of Ragdoll cats. 

Chocolate Lynx Point Ragdoll

The Chocolate Lynx Point Ragdoll have ivory colored fur across their body. Their fur is scattered with chocolate colored points, chocolate colored stripes, and bright blue eyes. 

Though their dominant color is their ivory fur, this is sometimes drowned out by their chocolate points. This is because their fur gets extremely fluffy. 

Blue Lynx Point Ragdoll

The Blue Lynx Point has bright white fur. Their bars and stripes are frosted gray and light blue. Unlike the Blue Mitted Point Ragdoll, their chins and paws are gray with a blue tinge. Not white. 

They have bright blue eyes. 

Lilac Lynx Point Ragdoll

The Lilac Lynx Point Ragdoll variety is the least common of all the Ragdoll varieties. 

They still have the trademark fluffy fur all over their body, which is shorter on the face and the paws. A Lilac Lynx Point has a white furred body, and this is a crisp white such as fresh, clean snow.

The bright blue eyes are framed by a very light shade of gray and frost colored points over their face and ears. These points have a subtle hint of light pink. 

The light pink color is also noticeable in their bars, which can cover the underside of their body. The actual amount of pink bars varies from cat to cat. 


So now you know all the colors and patterns that the Ragdoll Cat has. They are a beautiful breed with memorable features, especially their fluffy coats in various shades and bright blue eyes. 

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