5 Things You Need To Know About Ragdoll Cat Size

Ragdolls are well known for being cute and friendly. They are also known for being a very large breed of cats! 

Ragdolls are big and heavy-boned, and they do grow quickly. They reach maturity at around five months and continue growing until they’re four years old.

5 Things You Need To Know About Ragdoll Cat Size

They’re not as fast or agile as other breeds, but they’re still very active. Carry on reading to find out some facts you should know about the Ragdoll’s impressive size! 

Important note: This breed does require special care as they are prone to health problems. Owners should be aware of how much time and effort it takes to take care of them.

How Big Do Ragdoll Cats Get?

Ragdoll cats are usually between 20-25 cm long and weigh between 10 and 20 pounds. The male Ragdoll can grow larger than the female Ragdoll – there is often a 5-pound difference between the two!

Their tails are typically about the same size as their body. A male Ragdoll cat is often taller than a female. They have a lifespan of 12-15 years.

Exercise Needs

Ragdoll cats love to play fetch. They also enjoy being inside. These cats do not need any additional exercise than what normal cats require. 

The main thing you need to keep in mind is if you own any cat trees or similar cat accessories, they should be kept lower down. While Ragdolls are very large, they can’t jump very high and shouldn’t be climbing down from great heights. 

5 Things You Need to Know About the Ragdoll Cat Size

1. Just Because Some Ragdolls Are Bigger, It Doesn’t Mean That They Are Tougher Or More Able To Protect Themselves. 

Ragdoll cats are firmly house cats – they don’t like to go outside, and they shouldn’t be encouraged to go outside either.

Part of this is because they don’t do well in confrontational situations, which they may face outside if they encounter other cats. 

While you can encourage them to play with toys inside (which they will enjoy), they do it with their docile nature very much at the forefront.

They won’t actively go on ‘attack mode’ – they are one of the most submissive cat breeds. Don’t leave them to protect themselves if you do happen to take them outside, always be there to make sure they are safe. 

2. You Will Need To Keep Checking Their Health And Care Needs. 

This is particularly important in terms of their diet and maintaining their size. It can be tempting to give your Ragdoll whatever they want when they meow for it – they are incredibly cute!

However, it can often be difficult to see when they are putting on too much weight, particularly under a large amount of fur.

An unhealthy amount of weight can cause many more problems, and they may end up developing early arthritis due to the weight strain. 

Other elements of their health you need to keep an eye on are injuries from jumping up and down things, as their size can impact conditions like hip dysplasia.

Ragdolls are also more prone to experiencing kidney infections and pink eye. 

3. You Need To Be Careful When Lifting Them Up And Playing With Them. 

Ragdolls are known as quite placid cats. This is even more accurate when they are being picked up!

They will immediately go limp when you go to lift them up, and sometimes they will do it if you simply go near them to play with them. 

While this is adorable, it can be quite dangerous when you aren’t expecting them to do this. Make sure to always them with both hands.

And to support almost all of their body (if you can) while carrying them around. This will stop them from slipping through your arms. 

4. You Will Need To Adapt Your Home To Accommodate Their Arrival! 

Due to their size, you are going to need to think about increasing the size of basic cat components. This includes litter trays, beds, and maybe even food bowls! 

Simply think about what you would rearrange/layout for a smaller-sized cat, and then increase the size/space a bit to accommodate the Ragdoll cat. 

Another thing to remember is adapting vehicles for their arrival. This would be in the form of crates for cats.

You can’t use a normal cat-sized crate, as they will be incredibly uncomfortable squeezing into a small space (particularly if you are going on a long journey). 

5. Their Size Just Makes Them All The More Affecationate!

Larger Ragdolls are often the most affectionate out of the breed. They love to cuddle with people and other animals, more so than the smaller Ragdolls.

And they also tend to have a calmer temperament! They truly are the teddy bears of the cat world, and the big Ragdolls will give you all the love in the world. 

To Sum Up… 

Ragdoll cats are, essentially, large teddy bears. They are very soft, both physically and mentally, and they will always prefer to stay inside in safety and comfort.

Due to their size, you will need to monitor their health conditions and weight closely, and you will also have to be careful when you lift them up and carry them around. 

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